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Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Digital Marketing Strategist, and former Pro-Counterstrike Gamer.
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Kaiserthesage.com is a personal blog of Jason Acidre – a Manila-based Digital Marketing Consultant (with a heavy focus on SEO, Content, Links & Web Analytics).

Born and raised in the Philippines… enough with the formality and the third person view, I just want to make this quick and succinct. I started playing Counterstrike professionally before I ended up as a Technical Writer/Editor, and then eventually became an SEO. That’s it!

Honestly, I’m not really into blogging. I just needed to put up this blog so I can test some experiments related to Online Marketing. The good news is that I can get to share what I’ve learned about it so far (including life perhaps).

I aim to constantly learn new skills that interest me to complement my creativity. I always challenge myself in breaking through greater heights each time I succeed, which makes learning a never ending cycle for me.

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What I Currently Do

Co-Founder and CEO at Xight Interactive

  • An Inbound Marketing Consulting Firm based in Quezon City, Philippines and was founded on October 2011. The company has provided online marketing services and consultations to some of the biggest brands on the web.
  • Xight Interactive specializes in developing scalable, creative and adaptive online marketing strategies – from search marketing, link development, content marketing, social media, online branding to conversion optimization.
  • I take charge of the company’s marketing, client acquisition and strategy development.

    Our office is located at:
    #31 Visayas Ave. cor. Road 1,
    Proj 6
    1128 Quezon City, Philippines
    Phone number: +639905692

Marketing Consultant at Doubledot Media

My Lifelong Dream

I’ve always wanted to be remembered as someone who has unfolded something unproven. I have always believed – since the day I met the 1 word that changed my entire life – that my sole purpose in life and the greatest form of contribution I can give to society is to spread significant knowledge.

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