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The use of anchor text variations is one of the fundamentals of Link building. Since it’s given that having backlinks pointing to a single web page with only one anchor text used over and over will make search engines suspect the methods you are using in order to optimize the page. Basically, it’s not the way to convince them in believing that your page is really relevant to that targeted keyword, especially if you’re building massive links in a short period of time.Anchor Text Variation

Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly evolving, and the more your link profile looks natural is the more you get the results you desire. Being smart in choosing your keywords and anchor texts will naturalize the look of your link building campaign. To give an in-depth view of this strategy, I’ll set some of my previous experiences as an example.

Several months ago, I worked and pampered a highly competitive keyword, and of course, I managed to make it rank on Google’s top page within 3 months (where I started from the 18th page).  The strategy was quite simple; I just had to surround the main targeted keyword with terms that complement it. The main keyword was “uk bingo” – very competitive and has 250,000 monthly search count. And the longtail keywords that helped me make the site rank for that keyword are:

  • Uk bingo online
  • Uk bingo site
  • Play Uk bingo
  • Best Uk bingo
  • Play Uk bingo online
  • Best Uk bingo site
  • Bingo in the Uk


As I have mentioned above, I was able to make the main keyword rank on the top page for a very long time (up to now). The link landscape looked very natural, as if real people and satisfied users are the one’s who’re making links to it, seeing as links built pointing to the same page have many variations with the anchor texts used.

Another surprising result was that I also managed to make the keyword “bingo uk” to rank higher than the main keyword “uk bingo” on SERPs without optimizing it. I’ve noticed that it happens a lot, wherein the reverse version of the keyword is also being optimized just by shooting for the other one. So, what if I’ve targeted for the “bingo uk” instead? Perhaps, I should try and experiment on that one.

A Sneak Peek On My Current Campaign

I’ve been very busy lately with tons of work and drinking sessions that decelerated this blog. Although, I still have a lot of experiments in mind that I wish to implement first on this playground, even I can’t find time to do link building on my own blog.

Ok, here’s another sample, I’ve been targeting the keyword “seo strategies” on my homepage, and I was able to make it rank on the 2nd page of Google SERPs in just 2 weeks (from the 40th page). However, after achieving that, I slowed down a bit (for several months), since a lot of client work started coming in. But recently, I’ve thought of reviving my previous campaign by using this strategy as an alternative; and here are the search terms that I chose to surround the main keyword:

  • Organic SEO strategies
  • Effective SEO strategies
  • Strategies for SEO
  • Best SEO strategies
  • Free SEO strategies
  • SEO marketing strategies
  • Google SEO strategies
  • Search engine optimization strategies

Well, I do wish I can find the time to put this experiment into action.

Getting Links Using This Anchor Text Strategy

There are so many ways you can get links from this not-so-spammy strategy, and here are some of them:

  • Monitor mentions of your brand through Google Alerts. It’s important to engage first with the webmaster if you find one before requesting for a link using your desired anchor text.
  • Article submissions and/or guest blog postings. It’s best if your topics are focused with the surrounding keywords (ex. “10 Best SEO strategies”), so that the external links from the content pointing to your site have greater value through relevance.
  • Do link search with your new keywords through Google search, since it will give you a new set of competitors for each keyword. You can choose to contact your new competitors for a link request or explore where they are getting their links from. It’s important to personalize your messages to these webmasters with the intent of engagement, and not just for the link request!
  • Use your new set of keywords as titles on your blog posts and make the copy relevant to the targeted keyword. The best thing about blog posts is that it can naturally build links on its own (especially if it’s linkable). You can choose to promote your blog posts to several social bookmarking sites, RSS feed directories (Feedage and Mybloglog), reputable as well as relevant forums, Q&A sites and CommentLuv enabled blogs, in which the links built will mostly use the blog’s title as anchor text.

How to Find Support Keywords

Easy, use Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Travis!

Next Stop

Be sure that you also use your main keyword as anchor text in building your links, but the most important thing is that your anchor text should vary, since using all of your support keywords will drastically help your main keyword rank higher on search engines.

Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, marketing consultant for Affilorama and Traffic Travis, and also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre and on Google+.

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