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Free Links – 18 Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Instantly

Building high quality links involves grueling efforts most of the time, may it be through search and mainly in building it. The most effective ones are usually content based (tedious) and sometimes need approval from the owner of the site you’re trying to get a link from, such as guest blogging, article marketing, resource request, blog commenting and the list moves on.

But the good news is, particularly to those who are just starting their link building campaign, is that there are many high quality and authoritative sites/pages out there that you can get links from for free and instantly.

Get Indexed Fast – SEO Big Guns For the New Ones

There are a lot of SEO methods that can be used in getting a new site indexed fast or just within the first 24 hours. As for this blog, I managed to have it indexed by Google on the very same date that it was launched (sites are acknowledged by search engines if you can see it on the SERP). Basically, this entry will share some of the techniques I know that really works in setting your site out there in the open and visible to the search engine public.

How Professional SEOs Do Link Building

Have you ever wondered how experts get high quality links and in-content links? They could choose to do it through guest blog postings, but some of them choose not to, because there are other ways in which they will only do 20% of their efforts in getting these incoming links. A typical online seeker calls it a “remarkable content”, but experts call it “link baiting”.

It is actually simple to be described, however, I am sure that it’s not that easy to implement.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks – Building the Fortress

Getting links pointing to your site is easy, as easy as typing your own username and password in an instant. But getting first rate backlinks is very hard and sometimes rare to find. To begin with, what does make a backlink high in quality anyway?

There are many ways that can be done in searching for where you can leave your links, and I’ll try to give you some of the simplest ways to finding them.

Keyword Research – Developing an Effective SEO Strategy

Launching a site is just like preparing for war. Getting traffic and moving ahead on search engine rankings is the real battle. Whereas to earning passive income from your website is achieving victory. But who do you think should be rewarded with a medal of honor after dominating the search engines?

If you ask me, I would definitely be bias, but surely, and everyone knows it that it’s because of an efficient SEO strategy laid out before the battle has even started. Sheer luck doesn’t exist when it comes to internet industry.

Keyword Ranking – How To Reach the Top Page in No Time

Three weeks ago, I started shooting for this blog’s first objective, to dominate the search engines for a particular keyword – a highly competitive keyword to be precise. I was 40 pages away from my goal 2 weeks ago (484th), but now I’m just 10 spots away from reaching it, the top page of Google SERP!

I was thinking that perhaps this is the right time to share some of the things I’ve done in making it to the spot where this blog is currently sitting at.

Top Page for a Very High Competition Keyword in 3 Months Part II

I carried on and worked with a more vibrant team of experts in a much diversified field. Then there I have equipped myself with way farther powerful arsenals and tactics that suit greater heights. But that doesn’t stop me from sharpening and enhancing my skills.

Few weeks later – when I already have moved on, as if I had broken up with someone – I checked it’s stats on Google’s SERP. You’ve guessed it right! It’s already on the top page, both of the keywords and no one was optimizing them, I think (I checked its backlinks to make sure).

Top Page for a Very High Competition Keyword in 3 Months Part I

I have always seen the Google SERP as a relentless battlefield, and up to now I stand to that belief. Though one thing that I really enjoyed with SEO is the piece of competitiveness it breathes out from me just to be on top of it. I must say, I’m very persistent and can be easily obsessed once focused in achieving a certain goal.

My Google adventure just started a few months ago – but I’m no stranger to SEO – and I seriously enjoyed this particular experience. So what was this adventure? I started working with a website which I had completely no idea about its niche and having only a few arsenals in building links as well as online reputation management.