Companies Spending More on SEO Continue to Rise After Google Panda Update

by Jason Acidre on May 15, 2011 · 27 comments · Search

A recent study performed by shown that 52% of US Companies have spent more on SEO last year in marketing their businesses. However, with the several changes that occurred in Google’s algorithm – particularly with the Google Panda update, which have severely affected many large and reputable websites in the US and UK in terms of search visibility and in generating organic traffic – it is more evident that Search Engine Optimization will be more in demand and more competitive than before.

Google Panda was an algorithm update that was first launched on the 24th of February this year, which affected approximately 12% of the overall search queries on Google USA causing massive traffic loss to several reputable websites, but is now progressively moving towards global search, affecting thousands of resource and ecommerce websites worldwide.

Experts are speculating that the said update was mainly targeting websites that have poor usability, inactive user-behavior, contained low quality content and have external duplicates with no proper link attribution to the original source of content.

This just shows how imperative it is to treat SEO as a long-term and ongoing business investment, seeing that Google’s search algorithm is constantly improving its capability to return high-quality websites to be displayed as results to their users worldwide. As the biggest search engine in the world is requiring more quality content and natural web popularity from each website who desires to be on the top of their search results, it would certainly require quality-driven campaigns and massive fixes on their websites, which of course will necessitate them to upsize their budgets to acquire help from topnotch SEO professionals.

Authority websites that were affected by this recent Google update are losing money by the day. They are in need of high quality service providers who can actually meet their needs, and in order to get the kind of quality that can be seen genuinely useful by both users and search engines, they’ll probably need to make a much expensive investment on content management and link development, as this campaign would require massive work and hours to really materialize.

Personally, I’ve received a lot of inquiries for a service that is tailored to battle Google Panda’s effects, and most of them are willing to pay consultation fees that’s bigger than my usual rates, as most of these sites are already well-established on their respective industries and are in haste to regain their search rankings. After the Google Panda update, the number of site owners who were sending me service inquiries increased by 15%, and I’m assuming that other firms are receiving more.

Nevertheless, there are still no concrete solutions to this specific problem, and it’s currently squeezing the best out of most seasoned SEO practitioners in developing strategies that will drive faster results. Fortunately, Google is supporting affected authority websites by providing in-depth guidelines on how they can build high-quality websites.

Websites shouldn’t be very confident of their current top rankings, given that they are facing a new challenge. As Google is continuously improving their search engine in filtering out low quality and irrelevant content off their result pages, in adding more factors that may devalue a site’s credibility, and as more algorithmic changes might be implemented by Google this year, it will be certain that more companies will be in need of professional help to effectively improve, expand and secure their traffic sources.

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