Companies Spending More on SEO Continue to Rise After Google Panda Update

A recent study performed by shown that 52% of US Companies have spent more on SEO last year in marketing their businesses. However, with the several changes that occurred in Google’s algorithm – particularly with the Google Panda update, which have severely affected many large and reputable websites in the US and UK in terms of search visibility and in generating organic traffic – it is more evident that Search Engine Optimization will be more in demand and more competitive than before.

Google Panda was an algorithm update that was first launched on the 24th of February this year, which affected approximately 12% of the overall search queries on Google USA causing massive traffic loss to several reputable websites, but is now progressively moving towards global search, affecting thousands of resource and ecommerce websites worldwide.

Experts are speculating that the said update was mainly targeting websites that have poor usability, inactive user-behavior, contained low quality content and have external duplicates with no proper link attribution to the original source of content.

This just shows how imperative it is to treat SEO as a long-term and ongoing business investment, seeing that Google’s search algorithm is constantly improving its capability to return high-quality websites to be displayed as results to their users worldwide. As the biggest search engine in the world is requiring more quality content and natural web popularity from each website who desires to be on the top of their search results, it would certainly require quality-driven campaigns and massive fixes on their websites, which of course will necessitate them to upsize their budgets to acquire help from topnotch SEO professionals.

Authority websites that were affected by this recent Google update are losing money by the day. They are in need of high quality service providers who can actually meet their needs, and in order to get the kind of quality that can be seen genuinely useful by both users and search engines, they’ll probably need to make a much expensive investment on content management and link development, as this campaign would require massive work and hours to really materialize.

Personally, I’ve received a lot of inquiries for a service that is tailored to battle Google Panda’s effects, and most of them are willing to pay consultation fees that’s bigger than my usual rates, as most of these sites are already well-established on their respective industries and are in haste to regain their search rankings. After the Google Panda update, the number of site owners who were sending me service inquiries increased by 15%, and I’m assuming that other firms are receiving more.

Nevertheless, there are still no concrete solutions to this specific problem, and it’s currently squeezing the best out of most seasoned SEO practitioners in developing strategies that will drive faster results. Fortunately, Google is supporting affected authority websites by providing in-depth guidelines on how they can build high-quality websites.

Websites shouldn’t be very confident of their current top rankings, given that they are facing a new challenge. As Google is continuously improving their search engine in filtering out low quality and irrelevant content off their result pages, in adding more factors that may devalue a site’s credibility, and as more algorithmic changes might be implemented by Google this year, it will be certain that more companies will be in need of professional help to effectively improve, expand and secure their traffic sources.

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Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, marketing consultant for Affilorama and Traffic Travis, and also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre and on Google+.

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27 replies
  1. Glenn @
    Glenn @ says:

    Google Panda is a development that should make even reputable websites wary of their ranking. Personally, I think this new algorithm from Google is a welcome update as it filters non-quality websites from appearing on the top pages. This gives you more quality results when searching for something on the web.

  2. Bingo Ventura
    Bingo Ventura says:

    Sad news for online businesses who have used shortcuts to gain their rankings. But more people will benefit from these as this will bring about better quality content. Content is still king! Those who forgot this, are worrying now. However, a good SEO general is needed to see trustworthy results. It’s time for people to shift to Green Hat SEO! Thank you Google for the updates. More jobs for us online businessmen.

  3. Kristi Hines@Blog Marketing
    Kristi Hines@Blog Marketing says:

    It’s funny – while some companies are spending more on SEO, there are also a number of companies who are now frightened of it. I’ve seen several deals that were in the works disappear because of the latest updates, as well as read posts by some top link builders about clients who left stating that they didn’t want to do anything until they felt it was “safe” again. Ironically, it’s never going to be “safe” – SEO isn’t safe unless it is being done as naturally as possible. And with that approach, these were probably the same clients who thought things weren’t happening fast enough. The Catch 22 of search! 🙂

  4. Kira Permunian
    Kira Permunian says:

    After the Panda update, I’ve seen it in the web how the rankings drastically fall and to some, it brought them up. I believe with the Panda update, Google were just true to their mission to give us quality, topical and useful search results. Although not perfect because we could still find some useless results when we search, maybe they’re still working on it uh-oh.

    I strongly agree, more companies are now spending more on SEO as I see it with the company I worked with. For now we are on disclaimer of the best SEO we could offer. Thanks for sharing. As always, you amazed me with your excellent post and updates. I am so proud of you.

  5. Felicia @ No Deposit Poker
    Felicia @ No Deposit Poker says:

    There are many online businesses that cut corners in getting their sites ranked. Too bad for them Google released their Panda algorithm which now filters low-quality websites and remove them from the rankings. Content is king for Google Panda. Its time these dodgy websites spend money on delivering quality content instead of spending all their money on getting ranked.

  6. Seatronics Group
    Seatronics Group says:

    The Panda update bombarded websites that have low quality content which happened to be some websites which are on top of the Google SERPs. I think the Panda also based its “purge” on bounce rates. Low quality sites can sometimes escape the bots but it can’t fool a real user 🙂

  7. lawmacs
    lawmacs says:

    This is not news to me i was expecting that and i believe some of them have a good reasonjust like the recent recession must big business sees this asan opportunity to spread their wings which in itself is a good thing to do.

  8. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Hey Kieser,
    You have to love that Google is always on its toes, So I suppose if content is going to be so important the freelance writing profession will rise.

  9. Francis from Eurocasino
    Francis from Eurocasino says:

    I think it is high time we embarked on ethical SEO practices than wasting precious time cracking our brain looking for ways to deceitfully gain ranking.

    SEO will continue, no doubt, but in a completely different fashion. As you said here on-site optimization, I think, is the fundamental aspect of SEO. If your web pages are not fully optimized, building links to it becomes inconsequential to search engine algorithm.

  10. jayson@seo manila agency
    jayson@seo manila agency says:

    We are back! Organic SEO sudden rise is not a surprise for me. I read this same topic on SEJ. With Google’s effort on hammering manipulative contents. Many companies in the US try to search for people who can help them sail the Google Ocean and weather the storm brought by this major update.

  11. April @ Park City Real Estate
    April @ Park City Real Estate says:

    Google is just being true to it’s mission to give us more useful and high quality sites. Gaining a high rank this time is somehow difficult to acquire but for sure we will get a more helpful results when we search. Thanks for sharing infomative post!

  12. AndyP@Buy road signs
    AndyP@Buy road signs says:

    Sad news for online businesses who have used shortcuts to gain their rankings. But more people will benefit from these as this will bring about better quality content. Those who forgot this, are worrying now. However, a good SEO general is needed to see trustworthy results. Thank you Google for the updates.

  13. Naveen
    Naveen says:

    It is obviously a great thing done by Google. As a SEO consultant, I welcome this kind of updates by google. This will push us towards thinking and proposing the best techniques that work in future.

  14. Chris from Swiss Insurance Jobs
    Chris from Swiss Insurance Jobs says:

    From what I have seen the Panda refresh was aimed at filtering out poor / duplicate content sites and those that abused ad-sense. If your confident in your core content and strictly apply White hat SEO techniques you should not be worried. The reason there has been wide spread alarm is the usual paranoia associated with IM, the fact a lot of people has gone down the grey / black hat route for a quick buck and that Big G will have made some mistakes to start with.

    At the end of the day providing the best search results is central to Goggles continuing success – they will not mess up their core business.

  15. Alx
    Alx says:

    The new algorithm is and a good technique to increase Google profits because companies will invest in ppc advertising (AdWords) to recover some lost traffic.

  16. Noel Addison
    Noel Addison says:

    I was actually glad that the Panda update had webmasters scrambling to make changes to their websites. The ranking war is now survival of the fittest. I know plenty of people are getting tired of being outranked by inferior websites using automated tools to spam links all over the web and publishing duplicate posts. The new game is on…as it has always been.

  17. Chris@Roots Web Solutions
    Chris@Roots Web Solutions says:

    I have to agree even 9 months after the Panda update I am seeing increased enquiries for good quality services. If you are providing great content for your clients & investing in link bait & guest blogging you will get out of hole. Removing dubious pages and redirecting them with 301 redirects helps.

  18. Shadab
    Shadab says:

    I am also the victim of Panda Update held on October due to many ad slots above the fold now we have been removed and trying to our best for reaching out of the panda in the coming update.

    Best Regards!

  19. Pavan Gayakwad
    Pavan Gayakwad says:

    Thanks for your post, I find it useful.

    I was bit worried about my ‘Quick Quest’ web pages of my website: Even after Google Panda update, They are still ranking higher (keywords as ‘question paper generation software’ or ‘question paper setting software’) when people search for it.

    In fact, I didn’t do much of SEO thing during designing of Quick Quest pages but made sure to follow better HTML standard coding. I feel Google love rightly written HTML pages with obvious content, more than any special techniques to attract it.

  20. David
    David says:

    Yeah now days companies are spending a lot of money on SEO as its one of the best marketing methods to get direct conversions from online customers once you are rank for any keyword of your website then you can definitely generate leads and thousand of leads if you are ranking on a good keyword and only good SEO can do that for you !


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