44 Creative and Innovative Link Building Experts and Their Strategies

Update: This post was originally published last Sept 3, 2011, which was entitled “26 creative and innovative link building experts and their strategies”. A lot of changes have happened in the link building scene these past several months, which made me decide to update this big list of resources. 

With the constant advancements that occur on various search engines’ algorithms, it is certain that the search and link game will be harder in the days/months/years to come compared to what it was like a decade ago.

Search users’ behaviors tend to grow and change as these developments arise and being employed by search engines, which makes the online marketing space more competitive, especially when it comes to link building.

Many say that link building is tough, well, yes, it is, seeing that the search industry is still in its youth stage and still has immense potentials of growing.

There are also a good percentage of companies all over the world that are still in the juncture of realizing the importance of building a strong web presence for their brands. If this other piece of the pie starts to get involved in the online marketing game, then that might just inundate the web with more sites hungry for links, which clearly means a birth for more spammy linking tactics or a new dawn for more innovative strategies.

Nowadays, in order to be efficient and to truly attain great results from your link building campaigns, you may have to fully require creativity in your strategies for reasons such as:

  • Search algorithms continuously change in order to keep up with their users’ needs.
  • Competition – on any industry – keeps on growing by the day.
  • Web users are getting smarter.

The rules in link building may frequently change, but its essence as an aspect of web marketing will always remain vital, whether it integrate itself to other new developments (like social signals), as it is the most uncomplicated way for search engines to determine websites’ authentic popularity and authority.

Having that said, I decided to list some of the most creative and innovative link builders in the industry that I know, including their works that somehow influenced my views as an SEO, and perhaps to serve as an inspiration in developing your own link building strategies.

Rand Fishkin1. Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of SEOmoz“white hat SEO evangelist and the face of modern Search”

5. Eric Ward, Link Evangelist at Adgooroo“link building wizard”
Wiep Knol6. Wiep Knol, Founder of Gila Media“creative link marketing expert from the Netherlands”

Tom Critchlow7. Tom Critchlow, Former VP of Operations at Distilled (now works for Google) – “the face of Search’s next generation”

Michael Gray
8. Michael Gray, President of Atlas Web Service and author of Wolf-howl“legendary link ninja”
Todd Malicoat9. Todd Malicoat, author of Stuntdubl“one of the pioneers of link baiting”
Garrett French10. Garrett French, Founder of Citations Lab“content-based link building expert”
Rae Hoffman-Dolan11. Rae Hoffman-Dolan, CEO and Managing Director of MFE Interactive“the link interrogator”
Ross Hudgens12. Ross Hudgens, author of Authentic Marketing“thought-leader on scalable link building”
Napoleon Suarez13. Napoleon Suarez, SEO Consultant at SEER Interactive“out-of-the-box link building specialist”
Ryan Clark14. Ryan Clark, CEO of Linkbuildr“ingenious link development strategies straight from Canada”

Melanie Nathan15. Melanie Nathan, President of CanadianSEO – “link building extraordinaire”

Hugo Guzman16. Hugo Guzman, VP at Zeta Interactive and author of Enterprise Interactive Marketing“corporate-level link building expert”
Justin Briggs17. Justin Briggs, SEO Consultant – “the link building scholar”
John Doherty18. John Doherty, Director of Distilled NY – “the fastest rising pundit on the Search sphere”
Debra Mastaler19. Debra Mastaler, author of Link Spiel“the link guru”
Dan Cristo20. Dan Cristo, Co-founder of Triberr“the serial web entrepreneur and developer”
Tad Chef21. Tadeusz Szewczyk, SEO blogger at SEOptimise and author of SEO 2.0 at Onreact“Global SEO player from Germany”
Kristi Hines22. Kristi Hines, author of Kikolani“leading media curator in the industry”
23. Jennifer Van Iderstyne, Online Marketing Director at Search Slingshot“the link building artist”
Wayne Barker24. Wayne Barker, Online Marketing Consultant at Boom Online – “the link specialist from Nottingham”
Julie Joyce25. Julie Joyce, owner of Link Fish Media“the link specialist”
26. Michael King, Director of Search at iAcquire – “advanced inbound marketing strategist”
richard baxter27. Richard Baxter, CEO at SEOGadget“the link gadget”
jon cooper28. Jon Cooper, Author of Point Blank SEO“the link building prodigy
paddy moogan29. Paddy Moogan, SEO Consultant at Distilled and Author of the Link Building Book“the link wizard”
d7ac2fd6d788d54f55f94f2650fd838d30. John-Henry Scherck, SEO Consultant at SEER Interactive – “the link mechanic”
d4f22u1a2235x2t0l73432. James Agate, Founder of Skyrocket SEO“the guest blogging genius”
de89d42d1f5abc2c1d4dd05c55a1128133. Kane Jamison, Founder of Content Harmony“the data-driven content strategist”
mypic34. Stephanie Chang, SEO Consultant at Distilled – “the link building teacher”
Back Camera35. Ed Fry, General Manager of Inbound.org“the link baiting prodigy”
cyrus shepard36. Cyrus Shepard, SEO and Content Marketing Consultant for SEOmoz – “the content astronaut”
1675b74ff21652c29edde2c7e82f0a3937. Peter Attia, SEO Consultant at Cucumber Nebula – “Any color of hat link building expert”
anthony pensabene38. Anthony Pensabene, Content and SEO Consultant at Skyrocket SEO – “one of the best writers in the industry” 
bill-slawski-1039. Bill Slawski, Author of SEO by the Sea“the link scientist”
michael martinez40. Michael Martinez, Author of SEO Theory“the link theorist”
chris dyson41. Chris Dyson, Author of Triple SEO – “the link MacGyver”
chris gilchrist42. Chris Gilchrist, MD and Founder of Hitreach“wordpress SEO expert from Dundee”
tim grice43. Tim Grice, Head of Search at Branded3“the link wizz”

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Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is the Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive - a digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. He's also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

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122 replies
    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      thanks for dropping by Ryan! I might also update this list, knowing that most of you guys are coming up with innovative link building techniques 😀

  1. Mark @ Free Wordpress SEO Course
    Mark @ Free Wordpress SEO Course says:

    Arrrrrrghhhhh!!! I have to rant on this post.


    This really is a great list of blogs. I visited almost all of them and I noticed a GLARING deficiency in about half of them that drives me ABSOLUTELY bonkers!

    First of all, they are great recommendations. All of them have very informative posts, however, about half of them I will never see again. Why? Simple. They did not have FEED-BURNER email enabled.

    Get with the program people. Enable your feedburner email. I am not going to sign up for your AWEBER spam lists. Feed burner is the only way you will find me…and not through an aggregator!

    For a list of guru’s I am rather disappointed in the fact that so many (about half!) missed this most basic element.

    [/end rant]


    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      haha thanks for the rant/comment Mark! Agree, I think most of them are too busy with their companies that they don’t really have the time to build a community through their blogs. Though it does add a prestige effect on their brands, knowing that staying and reading their stuff is certainly worthwhile.

      • hiren
        hiren says:

        hi kaiserthesage
        what a great article great list of great person in blogging and also thanks for sharing there link building article links great work nice article thanks for sharing..

  2. Wayne Barker
    Wayne Barker says:

    Hey there Jason,

    First off, this is a well curated post with a load of articles that I wasn’t familiar with – more to add to the reading list!
    Secondly, thanks for including me in the post – it is flattering to be featured with some of the finest names in the industry!
    Thirdly, keep up the great work with your blog!!

      • Wayne Barker@Hallam
        Wayne Barker@Hallam says:

        No problems at all – I have dropped by here a few times now and always find some intelligent well thought out posts – and always of course some well curated link bait the massages of egos of those mentioned!!

        Keep it up!!

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Hey Ferdous,

      Thanks for suggesting those posts from Glen Allsopp (I’ve read both back then) and yeah, they’re pretty solid!

  3. Danielle McGaw
    Danielle McGaw says:

    Wow – totally awesome list! Considering that one of my recent goals is to learn more about linking, this is great timing. 🙂 I shall bookmark this to read during the day when my brain is more accepting of new information.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Thanks Danielle! Glad this list could be useful to you 🙂

      Been also trying to devise/create my own linking strategies these past few weeks, perhaps that inspired me to create this post. Hope this list can inspire you too 😀

  4. Adam James
    Adam James says:

    Hi Kaiser, thanks for posting these, you’ve saved us so much time search for these ourselves, the only thing left to do now is sit down and read through all of this, digest and put into action.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Thanks for the comment Adam. Yeah, I find this list useful to myself as well, as I can always go back easily to those references (there are some posts above that you’ll definitely want to see again and again).

  5. Nick LeRoy
    Nick LeRoy says:

    This is a great list of link building resources. I will definitely be reading and re-reading a lot of these throughout the week. A couple other sources for people to consider. My post last week about BROKEN LINK BUILDING in Action – http://nickleroy.com/broken-link-building-in-action-real-email-examples-inside
    Like Garret Frenches – an interview with link builder Melanie Nathan. http://nickleroy.com/interview-with-link-building-extraordinaire-melanie-nathan

  6. Rob Benwell
    Rob Benwell says:

    You covered this topic well. This is where a mentor comes in handy. A mentor can point you in the right direction, and outsource skills whenever it is easier to do so.Their techniques in link building are all useful for a link builder. I would need a brain the size of a planet to acquire them all.LOL! More power..

  7. Murray@PLR Articles
    Murray@PLR Articles says:

    Definitely got this one on bookmark now.

    Ugh, link building isn’t my favorite activity but it’s essential like we all know – good to see some good information out there than the usual dribble so I’ll probably end up picking a few and just working through them heavily.

    I don’t think I’m going to be creating any new websites in 2012 – I just want to work in rankings so this will come in handy. Looks like I got some reading to do.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Wow! this will keep me busy for a while 🙂 Linkbuilding is very important and I am sure that we will get a wealth of knowledge from all of these links. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Caroline@Hibiscus Tea
    Caroline@Hibiscus Tea says:

    Wow, this is reading material for days. Thank you so much!

    From what I can tell, this is like a week’s worth of pricey SEO seminars. I keep telling people that they don’t need to buy outdated site strategy books, just read everything they can online, and I think you just proved my point for me. 🙂

  10. zamahsari
    zamahsari says:

    An awesome list.. I have visited some of them especially Jim Boykin that has posted valuable link building strategies on his blog. For Kikolani, I often read her inspiring posts.. She is really a good writer..

  11. Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips
    Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips says:


    This may just be THE definitive guide on link building. YOu have collected link building articles from so many “superstars” here that it boggles the mind! I have bookmarked this and have to come back again. There is simply too many solid links to follow now!


  12. Brian FlorFes@webhosting provider
    Brian FlorFes@webhosting provider says:

    Great work on compiling this list. I would say that I have only about 13 of the 26. I’ll add stop by and visit the other 13 and see if I can get some value out of their views. I recommend checking out A.J. Kohn who runs Blind Five Year Old. He has an interesting take on SEO, which I find very thought-provoking. Check him out. Btw, he believes you should treat the search engines like a “Blind Five Year Old”…like there’s no rhyme and reason they do the things they do. Anyway, thanks for your list.

  13. Grant@Event Photographer London
    Grant@Event Photographer London says:

    I agree and might add that if you take the time to read a blog and make a worthwhile comment on the article this is a great way to secure backlinks. I tend to comment on SEO blogs and photography blogs as that is my core business and most of the bloggers see this. It also benefits my SEO.

  14. Arun
    Arun says:

    OMG! so many link building resources… I’m not able to check all the link which you mentioned here at oneshot.. anyway I will check when I get time. Link building is one of important and difficult step in building a website. I will take help of these resources.

    Thanks Kaiserthesage for listing.

  15. Melanie Nathan
    Melanie Nathan says:

    Sweet list! Thanks for including me Jason, even though it’s been embarrassingly long since I updated my blog.

    A bit old, but still relevant (the article, not the link builders): http://www.huomah.com/Internet-Marketing/Link-Building/18-Must-Follow-Link-Building-Experts-on-Twitter.html

    A commenter above asked something along the lines of ‘if they really knew great ways to get links, wouldn’t they be writing about them?’. To which I can definitively answer, um not really. Publicly spilling a great link building technique or secret link resource is the fastest way to kill it.

    Besides, everyone knows if you REALLY want secret insider info when it comes to link dev… you need to buy a link builder some drinks 😉 (Mmmmm. Beer.)

  16. Mac Wilson
    Mac Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful link building resource. I have bookmarked this article. Well, the most useful backlinks are those which are build through high PR, high domain authority and high page authority websites.

  17. Jasmin
    Jasmin says:

    Wow this is an epic list! Thx a lot for putting this together as it will save hours of research for us to find some great content on link building 🙂

    Good job!

  18. Yoj
    Yoj says:

    Hey Kaiser,
    As a blogger, link building is one of the utmost elements to be fulfilled since it would give us a great effect like the increase in the traffic and high page ranks on some SEO niche. Sneaking on this link building experts it an awesome experience to be met, it is because I gained a lot o new strategies. 😀

  19. Arron
    Arron says:

    Wonderful work! That is the kind of info that should be shared around the net. Shame on Google for no longer positioning this submit higher! Come on over and seek advice from my site . Thank you =)

  20. Robert
    Robert says:

    That’s an amazing list – thanks a lot for sharing. I’m a regular reader of SEOMoz and SEOBook.com and both sites provide really outstanding tips and information. I will also check out some of the other sites on your list.

  21. Andrew @ Natural Search
    Andrew @ Natural Search says:

    Great collection of link building advice! I’ve been really impressed by some of the posts here, but i’ve become such a fan of John Doherty and Justin Briggs.

    The posts they’ve made recently have been so useful for everyday link prospecting.

    I’ve had to delicious this…not enough time to digest it all haha

  22. Echo
    Echo says:

    I love this list. So many favorites here and about-to-become favorites. So, one question, did you break the link to Bluegrass on purpose? I noticed..thanks for sharing. .

  23. Aliyaaah
    Aliyaaah says:

    Jason. thank you so much for your epic and amazing advises on how to effectively make creative link building strategy online. With all the link-building of different companies on web, its hard to make your link noticeable. Great tips, will surely give an eye with this. Thank you very much!

  24. John-Henry Scherck
    John-Henry Scherck says:

    Thanks for the addition Jason 🙂

    This is a great collection of articles – I’m always looking for resources to teach more advanced link building – this post just got added to the list 🙂

  25. Brian@tip the pizza guy
    Brian@tip the pizza guy says:

    I love this resource, but it’s going to take me forever to check out all the great blogs. The only thing I wish was that the posts you list had dates next to them. I’m assuming the last one in the list is the most recent for each expert. I’ll definitely check those out first. Thanks!

  26. Brian Dean
    Brian Dean says:

    Wow. Just wow. Big ups for this content curation powerhouse, Jason. This list is (literally) links to the best stuff from the top minds in our field.

  27. Anthony Pensabene
    Anthony Pensabene says:

    thanks for including me, J. great idea with the update. no reason to reinvent something entirely new, when as we can see, it was well received first time around. i hope more eyes get on this today to see for themselves. cheers.

  28. Farrell John Conejos
    Farrell John Conejos says:

    Hey Jason,

    First of all, if you didn’t update this list, then I could have never seen this. The names of these people in your list are already notable for what they have accomplished in terms of link building and SEO. It is truly inspiring seeing these people and thinking that in some point of their lives, they were once like us. Thanks for sharing this list. As what you’ve said, the search industry is still in its youth stage and that means this list should be constantly updated for the next years to come. I just hope one day I can join this very prestigious list.

  29. Anh
    Anh says:

    OMG this list is huge! I just started reading a few articles and feel overwhelmed with the information already. But I love it 🙂 Gotta get back to this and read all the rest in the list!
    Thank you for such a great list!

  30. Michiel Van Kets
    Michiel Van Kets says:


    why am I not in the list? just about all those guys, including rand fisher at some point ordered their link building fromk me … ow, wait, I know, it’s because for 10 years being others secret little seo helper was my tactic; they ordered from me, because you don’t know about it, but now I’m coming out; the single most important link building tactic just as most of the above have done; order from me!



  31. Darek
    Darek says:

    This is an awesome list, I sure it took a lot of time to collect all this informations. Thanks for taking the time to write this post Jason!

  32. fleming
    fleming says:

    Really some of the best tips you have shared for gaining inlinks in a real way and to get appraise by search engine

  33. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Well your long list of accolades pretty much sums it up: what a fantastic, generous service you have done for the community, building up such a comprehensive list of link building resources.

  34. Jane
    Jane says:

    Great collection of the world’s best link builders and their link building techniques.I have been in this field since 3 years but haven’t seen this kind of descriptive post ever.

  35. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thank you so much for just destroying my weekend… seriously 🙂

    So many fantastic posts in one place. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to pull this all together Jason.

  36. Greg
    Greg says:

    Hey Jason… Awesome post!!!

    I’ve read many of these, but there are some real gems in here that I either hadn’t seen, or that got buried so fast that I forgot to check them out.

  37. Sai Krishna
    Sai Krishna says:

    Oh my God , Jason!!

    This is an Awesome post, I have read some of these till now and let me tell you, they are awesome, thanks for sharing these links . I respect your hard work, very Nice , thanks for putting all these up together.

  38. Patrick Tasner
    Patrick Tasner says:

    Wow! This is indeed a huge list of creative link building resources. I have just read some and have others queued to be read. I would be full for sure. Hope to contribute a good one soon. Thanks for these motivating post.

  39. Brown Williams
    Brown Williams says:

    You have just shared a very important post and a great list of professional bloggers who are a great inspiration to me. Thank you for taking time to share some of your greatest post and I have personally gone through them and realised how informative they are.

  40. Mike
    Mike says:

    This is the Holy Grail of link building guidelines! What an incredibly awesome share! Thanks so much for providing all these superb resources, Jason!

  41. Abhijit Gupta
    Abhijit Gupta says:

    It’s really a nice article. Link building helps to get more visibility of your blog in search result. Thanks for sharing these creative link building methods.


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