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Updated: This post was originally written on August 11, 2010, unfortunately, I messed up my database last week and had to redo this blog from scratch (good thing this post was still on Google’s index and I was able to copy its cached version). The summary of the story: I reached the #20 position for the keyword “SEO strategies” from #484 in 2 weeks.

Three weeks ago, I started shooting for this blog’s first objective, to dominate the search engines for a particular keyword – a highly competitive keyword to be precise. I was 40 pages away from my goal 2 weeks ago (484th), but now I’m just 10 spots away from reaching it, the top page of Google SERP!

I was thinking that perhaps this is the right time to share some of the things I’ve done in making it to the spot where this blog is currently sitting at. And to give you an extra, I will also discuss the other strategies that I’ve thought of doing here before launching my first ever SEO campaign for

The Aggressive Do-Follow Strategy

ADS – well that’s what I call it – was the strategy I used these past three weeks for my own off-page SEO campaign. This strategy focuses mainly in building high quality backlinks, aggressively! I’ll show you how it’s done, but first I’ll just give detail to factors that are strongly required by this strategy.

ADS Factors:

  • Backlinks must have dofollow attributes.
  • Pages should be topically relevant with the destination page of the backlink.
  • Linking pages’ homepage must at least have PR 3.
  • Homepage have “Recent Comments” plugin (optional)
  • Allows keywords as anchor texts for backlinks (of course)

The main concept of this strategy – as seen from its name itself – is to be aggressive, but not all the time. What I’ve done was to build backlinks massively on the first week, not just links, they are arsenal links, in which a single link can match up to 555 low quality links. Well, that’s the actual equation of quality links, 1 high quality backlink is equals to 555 links from PR 0 – 1 pages.

Moving on, the reason why I had to only build those type of links massively on the first week is to let them age and to give search engine crawlers the time they needed in reaching each link. I purposely planted links on several deep pages from authority sites (with high PR), which I will explain later on. For the time being, I’ve listed the methods I used in finding and building quality links.

  1. Blog commenting – this is very basic, but definitely one of the most effective off page tactics in the SEO world. However, you need to follow the standards given above. You need to search for blogs that allow dofollow attributed comments, have PR 3 or greater, allow keywords as anchor text and have “recent comments” plugin.

The recent comments plugin is not really necessary, though it improves your chances of having your “targeted keyword” noticed by bots in almost all of the active pages of the commented blog. And I do believe that it counts as a vote for your keyword to rank higher on the SERPs.

You’ll probably notice that if you regularly check your site’s Google Webmaster Tools’ links report and Yahoo Siteexplorer. It may not be as good for your site’s long term plans, but it helps you move farther than those pages that are not really optimized for the competed keyword.

Finding blog pages to comment on is not that hard, you will just have to make sure that they are absolutely related or somehow  to your site. Also, be sure to check their homepage’s PR and if comments are dofollow links before including them to your list of blogs to be commented. Here’s how to find them:

  • Google search: “your keyword blog”
  • Google search: inurl:blog “post a comment” –“comments closed” –“you must be logged in” “your keyword” (you can always change the “site” with .com, .org, .gov, etc.)
  • Google blog search: “your keyword” (just click on the blog search on the right panel of Google’s search result page)

Estimated amount of links built through this should be at least 10 comments a day, for the first week only. For the next two weeks, you can just make this task lighter, like 2 comments a day.

Note: on the succeeding weeks, focus on getting links from authority pages like from .edu and .gov blogs as well as blogs that have PR of at least 5, using your targeted keywords by the way. You can also try and search for their deep pages that already have PR and leave your comment on them. However, you may have to ping those pages to make sure that bots will be there to see changes from that page.

  1. Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites – this one is the most awesome part. For the first week I had to spend time in building links through this. Why? Because it can actually generate strong backlinks pointing to your site.

How? Well, I’m actually referring to Social Bookmarking Sites that give special pages for each added URLs. The best thing about that is that it gives you a “relevant” page with your backlink on it. This page includes the title page, description, your anchor text and the category of the link, in which most of the aspects of the page are pretty much related to the link’s destination page.

Here are some of the dofollow social bookmarking sites that you can start submitting to: – PR 7 – PR 6 – PR 6 – PR 6 – PR 5 – PR 5 – PR 5 – PR 5 – PR 5

Once you have submitted your link to Social Bookmarking sites, it is also important to let search engines know that these pages exist. Ping them!

The third part of this strategy is… Well, honestly I’m not yet done with this part, but this one is definitely important. This part of the strategy is more focused on hitting two birds with one stone, and if you’re thinking about keyword ranking and pagerank, then you are correct. Well, we all know that dofollow links are very useful when it comes to passing through pagerank, and it gives higher value in serving as a vote for a certain keyword to rank higher.

I’m just not ready to share it to everyone, seeing as my Pagerank is still not updated and I want to reach the top spot first, before I can really start bragging or rather preaching about it. But heads up, I’ll share it immediately once I’ve proven it right! Is that ok with you?

So please wait for this post’s sequel. There I will also include the other strategies I’ve thought of using other than this, and I’m actually confident about them as well. That’s it for now (I’m actually missing my son, that’s why I’m in haste to wrap this up), cheers everyone!

Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, marketing consultant for Affilorama and Traffic Travis, and also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre and on Google+.

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