22 Link Building Tips from @xightph

Links will always play an important role in the search, aside from the fact that it’s the core in which most search engines’ algorithms are based on – it’s still the best way to rank content.

Experts also believe that links are still very much important, though it’s known that Google will most probably just value those that are evidently natural and non-manipulative.

Anyway, for the past year and a half, our company/team has been known to specialize in this area of online marketing (although we also offer other technical marketing services, our brand has just been so attached to this particular marketing practice).

Given that we’ve been doing this for quite some time now, I just thought of sharing the things we’ve learned from working with dozens of clients (from different countries, industries, working on various business models), as well as the mindsets that we’ve grown to believe in as a team when it comes to implementing link development strategies.

1. Diversity is one of the key factors to succeed in online marketing these days. That mindset pretty much applies in link building as well.

And the best way to get a good variety of link types (through voluntary given citations/mentions) is to make sure that you’re promoting a great product/service that has a strong unique selling point, which will make people want to share it with their friends.

2. There are 4 major factors that make brands/sites earn editorial and contextual links – content, relationships, expertise and unique value. Being consistent in building on at least 2 of these main factors can certainly help you get ton of hard-to-replicate links to your site.

factors3. Invest on continuous creation of evergreen content assets that aim to solve perennial problems or frequently asked questions in your space. It’s the best way to scale link building, since they’ll almost always be searched and most likely be used as a reference by people finding your content.


4. There is more value and advantages in contributing content regularly on high-traffic industry publications than submitting one-time guest posts on hundreds of mediocre blogs. Focus on 5 – 10 top industry sites (that your target audience go to) and get more visibility from them.

5. Create high-value content assets before launching a guest blogging campaign. It’s easier to get guest post opportunities when your prospects already have an idea of the quality of the content you produce. Guest blogging is also more efficient when primarily used to support your site’s strong content – wherein it’s more appropriate to include in-content links back to your site’s relevant assets.

content asset

6. Invest on developing redistributable content such as images (data visualization, memes, cinemagraphs, etc…), slide presentations, videos/kinetic typographies, PDF/whitepapers and badges. Aside from getting natural links from people who might reuse them, these content initiatives can also help you connect with other content publishers, drive traffic and build brand awareness.

7. Invite authority guest bloggers. It’s the easiest way to bait links – knowing that most seasoned bloggers reference their own works. It’s also a great way to expand your network and following base.

8. Build alliances. Make friends with entities/organizations that share the same ideals as yours (preferably emerging influencers in your industry). That way it will be easier to syndicate your content (as well as theirs) – which exposes your content to a wider audience and can result to higher chances of getting natural links.

9. Apply lead generation techniques when doing link building to get more results from it. Find and participate on specifically targeted discussions using search phrases and search operators that target people particularly looking for solutions (ex: “where can I buy + keyword”, “need help with + keyword”, etc…).

search lead gen

10. Promote useful content where it’s appropriate. There are so many channels where you can promote or build links to your content such as related discussions on other blogs, communities/forums, Q&A sites, and even using paid social ads.

But what’s really important is to ensure that your content will really add value to the discussion and to those who can read them.


11. Always track for mentions (linked or unlinked), yours and competitors’. Asking for links that you’ve really earned (unlinked brand mentions or mentions pointing to your social profiles) is the easiest way to get links through outreach.

Tracking your competitors’ brand mentions is also important, as this can help you find new prospects that you can engage and be connected with. You can use Google Alerts or Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer to track these mentions.

12. Think branding. Link building is more efficient when used as a brand building tool. And given that Google is favoring brands on search results, then link building (when done right) can definitely hit more birds with one stone.

Focus more on branded anchor texts (your brand name, products, events, content assets, etc…) when building artificial links (awareness > link).

13. Aim for links that will get clicked, because they’re the ones that can most likely influence search rankings. Some of the most known factors that make links more clickable:

  • Prominent position in the document (the higher, the better).
  • Links that have highly descriptive and longer strings of anchor texts tend be clicked more.
  • If the link is on a high-traffic page.
  • Sentiments of the texts that surround the link.

14. Strengthen your links’ attributes with the help of other signals for them to pass more value (ranking power) to your site.

link attributes

15. Always check assisted conversions (on Google Analytics). It will allow you to identify and understand link types and sources that are sending qualified traffic and conversions to your site, which you can develop a process to make it replicable.

assisted conversions

16. Comment marketing is both overlooked and misused, but it’s definitely one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques out there. Here’s why:

  • It allows you to build relationships with other content publishers.
  • It can help you establish your brand as an expert – particularly if you’re contributing high-value information in the discussions.
  • It opens a lot of opportunities for linking (like being invited to become a contributor, or having your opinions cited by the publishers you communicate with).

Always consider your comments as a part of your content efforts.

17. Start learning how real writers reference other people’s works, because that’s how natural links are done. Use partial match and highly descriptive anchor texts, and understand the concept of co-occurrence.

18. Internal links are the most powerful type of link that you have full control of – make use of them wisely. Make your site’s stronger content (that are receiving natural links, social signals and constant traffic/activity) internally link to your site’s key pages that need more ranking power.

19. Be open to share internal data, especially to content publishers.

sharing data

20. Try to get links from pages that are already ranking well on search results or submit content to domains that have strong ranking ability (high search share). Getting your brand published on domains that have higher potentials of ranking for your long-tails can constantly send relevant traffic to your site.


21. Update past successful link baits or content assets hosted within your site. I tried this a few months ago on this post, and it doubled the social shares, number of comments as well as the links it generated for that particular content.

updated post

You can even implement the same approach when reaching out to other publishers/bloggers (where you can suggest helping them update their old, but still useful content). Use Bill Sebald’s Outdated Content Finder to track pages that need to be updated.

outdated content finder

22. Use the linker outreach method to get your content in front of prospects that really cares or genuinely interested about it.

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Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is the Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive - a digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. He's also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

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73 replies
      • hiren
        hiren says:

        hi Jason Acidre
        nice article link building is very important for any website. when website get good high PR back link then it also increase popularity in web. your tips are very helpful with me thanks for sharing.

    • Sahil
      Sahil says:

      Content, building relationships, creating brand awareness and being socially active as an individual or as a brand is certainly the future of a great digital marketing campaign. Post Penguin and Panda search engines have explicitly said its important to consistently feed users in your space with quality, informative content in order to succeed on Search.

  1. Sanjay Shenoy
    Sanjay Shenoy says:

    Great job Jason,

    Comment marketing is one of the most overlooked methods. I get a lot of traffic to one of my blogs only through commenting . I have set up google alerts so whenever there is an opportunity to comment I will make sure I do.

    Also, while commenting I try to add as much value to the already written article, that way the author is also happy about it and i helps you in getting the authority figure easily.

    Looking forward for more of these!

  2. Aisha
    Aisha says:

    Link building is one of those sensitive areas that you want help on but wouldn’t trust anyone because of the high risk of getting screwed. My chief link building strategy to date has been article marketing, which I know works. But I’m always on a lookout for alternatives, especially those that steer clear of the shady link exchanges.

  3. Matthew Barby
    Matthew Barby says:

    Great work, Jason. It’s nice to see a link building list that doesn’t just contain ‘find niche relevant directories’ and ‘get social shares’ haha. Some really good advice, especially #15 about checking your assisted conversions. Understanding where you get most value from your content is just as important as the development of the content itself. Keep up the good work mate!

  4. Sana
    Sana says:

    Great Jason
    In one post you have explained the anatomy of SEO. But a lot of struggle is required to master all these tips.
    Here I have question ” Do Social Book Marking sites and Free Directory Submission is helpful to get high ranking ? “

    • Sankar Datti
      Sankar Datti says:

      Hi Sana,

      Social bookmarking and directory submissions days are gone. I recommend to stop working on those submissions. Only you can submit to few directories like dmoz etc. Also you can do social bookmarking in reddit etc.

      Finally if you want higher ranking then you should build a solid content which is best compared to competitors. Then you can start doing quality link building. Hope this helps.

  5. Kaushalam
    Kaushalam says:

    Linkbuilding shouldn’t be tactical, it should be strategical. Tactics aren’t working more after two major updates, Penguin and Panda. While building strong link building strategy for outreach, finding prospect, their use etc.


    Jason thanks for this post. I think i like you and i now decide to follow you on your posts and articles. You must be my friend, teach me more…I believe, many need your wits on strategies of online marketing. Keep it up Jason. THANKS

  7. Brian Dean
    Brian Dean says:

    Amazing post, Jason! Full of practical (get links on authority domains for more referral traffic) and higher-level (Link building is more efficient when used as a brand building tool.) insights.

  8. Sef
    Sef says:

    Such a good strategy to perform in “real SEO” and not just SEO crap. Most strategies that were mentioned here are really advanced and will definitely give exactly what the target audience want. It’s worth the effort of giving high quality information to our target audience as they convert more often in the “evolved” era of SEO. Keep providing us useful strategies Jason as I personally enjoy reading your posts. haha

  9. David Leonhardt (writer)
    David Leonhardt (writer) says:

    The problem with #4 is that a business might be in a specific industry, but the customer base often is not. In fact, when marketing to consumers, it is often hard to tell a potential client from anybody else until they self-identify by contacting you.

  10. Chris Mayhew
    Chris Mayhew says:

    Great in-depth post Jason. I always thought that multiple links from the same domain would be beneficial but I can see how this would help to show a strong relationship between the two sites now. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Vinay
    Vinay says:

    Hi Jason,
    Nice post. Link building is a important process to make traffic, increase business strategy, get promotion. It is the major thing of SEO. superb tips and thanks for sharing.

  12. Zenelia
    Zenelia says:

    Nice post jason….as the links plays a vital role…So its quite informative article regarding this. All points are quite true and informative one..

    Thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable article

    Keep Posting

  13. Richard Querrey
    Richard Querrey says:

    All the best links I have ever gotten always come from breaking news type posts, if you can get at least close to revealing something – be it new technology, a leaked image or even gossip with your own opinion on it then it seems to do well. Of course it won’t work for every industry but it does well in a few.

  14. Amanda Waters
    Amanda Waters says:

    Hey Jason,

    great post, thanks for sharing, I’m currently testing Guest Blogging for the first time…let’s see if it pays off 🙂

  15. Lee
    Lee says:

    A great list of advice I have kept my link building simple as not to flag up anything with google the long game has to be more important than short term gain. Lee

  16. Johansen
    Johansen says:

    Can you please create a post on where to submit guest post? I find it really hard to find quality sites that accepts guest post!

  17. Hasan
    Hasan says:


    as per the tips they appear very great, I was doing work for the ranking factors of my website, I found some very useful. some are penalized by google now.

  18. Spook SEO
    Spook SEO says:

    Creating evergreen content will is surely the way to go. The fact that it can still thrive even through the test of time is a good indication that it’s a sustainable source of traffic.

  19. Deni Ivanov
    Deni Ivanov says:

    I am trying to find out how to build links in the cleaning industry and I’m not really sure if there are any authority sites that would link to me without being paid. I haven’t really tried contacting any of the webmasters in this industry but my new website really needs a few good links to get it going.

    I really liked the part where “building the brand” was mentioned. I really feel that this is going to be my strong side.

  20. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    It’s true. While it feels very spammy at times, link building is something you simply can’t ignore. Sometimes it even seems like the most weighted factor!!! (even with the more recent posts about Google discounting inbound links)

  21. Ian
    Ian says:

    This article is so well-structured and to the point that you could make it a printed tutorial. Thanks for explaining all the steps that are necessary to get the best out of the links.

  22. visagavel
    visagavel says:

    It’s really nice, Link building is the important factor in SEO. hope your post help me to get quality backlinks. thanks for sharing.

  23. Sean
    Sean says:

    Just go to read this from my Moz Top 10 – which got buried in Gmail’s new ‘Promotions’ feature. Awesome post Jason especially on the inurl part. Always the linkbuilding genius.

  24. Amy smith
    Amy smith says:

    Great post and a lot of your suggestions I have written down for later use…like tonight!
    As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights!
    Thanks Again For great Post

  25. Ron Marek
    Ron Marek says:

    With regards to diversity, I implement this in two different ways, the first being where I place my links for instance on blogs, web 2.o sites, feeds and comments and secondly I watch my anchor text careful. We know that you have the one important keyphrase to rank for however don’t forget that your URL, the blog name and one other non related PHRASE is needed to show google that the links aren’t manipulated.

  26. Jon
    Jon says:


    Like so many others have said — you put together a terrific post. You have certainly opened up my eyes to some strategies that I have not thought of before.

    Your advice on creating evergreen content is right on, especially when you consider how fast things change in the world of online marketing. Create this evergreen content once and it will pay dividends for your business for months and years to come.

  27. Abhijit Gupta
    Abhijit Gupta says:

    All the points described here is very useful and important also. I agree with you. The Link Building techniques are very important in SEO. Link building helps to increases the Keyword position on SERP and Increases the website traffic. I hope your post help me to get quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Harry
    Harry says:

    The tips about evergreen content is excellent. Playing the ‘create quality content; game can sometimes be disheartening when you cover topics which become out of date within 6 months. Evergreen topics can last for several years with a few minor tweaks now and again to keep it relevant and fresh.


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