We’re Raising Funds to Build Gear Up Manila (a film production)

Hi, I’m Jason Acidre, an online marketing consultant based in the Philippines. But as a kid, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a documentarist.

Being a marketing consultant for over 2 years has taught me a lot of things, particularly on how fast valuable information can be spread to different places, races and even generations with the help of technology.

When a simple thought/idea reaches its right audience, it can create a big impact that can change people’s perceptions and lives.

My blog has (somehow) helped a lot of people these past 2 years, and it just feels right to step it up a notch and take a bigger leap so I can help more.

That’s something that I’ve always wanted to do (even when I was just a kid). I wanted to compel more people. It’s a small initiative and contribution that (I hope and think) can make the world – in some way – a better place.

Early last year, I already planned on getting back to what I believed can help me help more people. And that’s the time I’ve thought of launching my own film production. Now, I’m decided in pursuing it. But I’m going to need your help.

PS: I’m not leaving the SEO industry. This is a passion project that I and a few friends are willing to work on after our working hours.

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What is Gear Up Manila

Gear Up Manila is an online video and film production that devotes to inspire and educate Filipinos (and possibly other 3rd world countries) on how to shape ideas and create opportunities for themselves through the stories/works that we’ll be filming/sharing.

It’s a passion project that aims to spread awareness, where we can showcase our local culture (from music, brands, organizations, communities, underground, startups, contemporary art to philosophy) to the world.

Why are we doing this?

  • To help our local music scene, SMBs, non-profit organizations and communities get their voices out to a wider audience and promote their cause (for free).
  • For small and medium businesses here to embrace online marketing, once they realize how creating stories around their brand can impact their sales and marketing processes for a lower cost.
  • To eventually help promising filmmakers and storytellers get their stories/ideas out, by helping them produce their films.
  • To spread more information, ideas and inspiration to aspiring artists, entrepreneurs and future leaders of our generation (as what I’ve mentioned above).

Inbound marketing and content strategy

Basically, our content strategy will focus on absorbing our subjects’ followers/peers, as we feature them through our shows/documentaries.

Here are a few of the ideas (online shows/documentaries) that I’ve originally drafted last year for our marketing campaign:

  • Real Manila – a 30 minute documentary series that will feature our local underground culture (ex: gaming scene, music scene, parkour, entrepreneurship, issues that different communities are facing and how to solve them, etc…). The core elements of this show will be the depth of information, story/experience and transparency.
  • To create full-length documentary films (or could be a series) of how to actually do big things (like starting a business from ground up or how indie bands survive).
  • Offer to make music videos to local indie artists for free and make it a weekly/monthly series. As both ends promote the video, we get to attract more visitors and possible subscribers to the site’s blog.
  • Produce indie feature and short films that will cover real world situations and aim to inspire people in overcoming these challenges.
  • Another show that will feature local brands (small and medium sized businesses) and local organizations (non-profit), where the show will share their behind the scenes (operations, organizational structure, business planning, story, etc…).
  • A documentary series about Gear Up Manila (behind the scenes and tracking its progress/growth).

All videos will be posted on our site, and can be viewed for free.

Revenue generation

We haven’t really thought of this one yet, as the project has so many paths to choose from. Below are some of the viable options:

  • Advertisements.
  • Merch.
  • Consulting services for online video creation and marketing (for local businesses who’ll be interested with what we’re doing or I can funnel these inquiries to the online marketing agency I’m currently running).
  • Go mainstream (in the long run) and produce indie films that will be shown in local cinemas.

What we need and what you get

The funds we’re raising will all go to the flim and post production equipment we need, as well as with the operational funds for our start-up period.

If in case we don’t get to reach our entire goal for this crowdfunding campaign, we’d definitely still move on with the project with our group’s ingenuity and persistence, and run it on a shoestring budget.

Here are some of the perks that you can claim if you help us achieve our goals:

  • Emboss your name on our site’s about page (funders’ section)
  • We’ll acknowledge your contribution by including your name on the closing credits on all of our shows.
  • I’ll give a one week free online marketing and SEO consultation for your business’ website (which includes site audit, analysis and recommendations).
  • One month free online marketing and SEO consultation for your business’ website, where you can also throw bunch of questions about improving your site’s performance to me for the entire month.
  • We’ll create a video (kinetic typography) for your business and promote it online.
  • Include your brand’s logo (closing credits) on every show we produce.

If in case you can’t donate cash, you can also help us if you or your friends have film production equipment that they no longer use (you can check this link for a short list of film production equipment). Feel free to contact me here: kaiserthesage@gmail.com

Anyway, thanks for the time reading. We’re still working on the campaign video, will be adding that soon here!

Check out our page on Indiegogo to contribute and claim your perks.

Also, it would be really awesome if you can share this with your friends.

Thank You 2011. Let’s Get It On 2012!

There are so many reasons for me to be thankful about the year that has just ended, may it be in terms of my career as an SEO and as an individual that’s part of a struggling society.

This is just a short post that I’ve planned to write a few weeks back, to thank everyone who I’ve met and to everyone who has been a part of my adventure this past year.

God and the Universe

For making me this way, with the way I think, the way I see things, and the way I act on things.

I’m also grateful for giving me the opportunity (as well as the ability), not just to help people that surround me, but also those that are unreachable to me (thank you for giving us the Internet).

Image Credit: Ibeto


I feel very fortunate to have a very supportive family that inspires me all the time. To my dad, my mom, my sisters (Jane and Angel), my 3 older brothers (Jade, Jeno and John), my gorgeous girlfriend (Jah), and to my son, Seth, thank you for making me stronger and for giving meaning to every second of my life.

My Mentor

Simon Slade, for teaching me a lot of things indirectly and for making me discover a new world that’s really worth exploring. The opportunity of working with you and Doubledot Media was gold and I will be forever thankful for choosing to be a part of that team.

My Other Mentors

Not because you’ve paid me, but for allowing me to learn more things that are beyond my capacity, and for teaching me things that I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to learn in any school. Thank you Sean Si, Rav Sandhu, Miguel Salcido, Russ, Tony, Fergus Clawson, James, and Andrew.


To the people that I really look up to in this industry – Rand, Garrett, Wil and Ross – thank you for encouraging me to be a better whitehat.

Industry Friends

For making my Twitter and email interaction more spectacular this 2011 and for taking the time to share things I didn’t know. Thank you Zarko Zivkovic, Kristi Hines, Ana Hoffman, John Doherty, Ryan Clark, Don Rhoades, Sujan PatelWayne Barker, Moosa Hemani, Oli Gardner, Tad Chef, Dan Cristo, Himanshu Sharma, Hugo Guzman, Sean, Gary Lawood, Udegbunam Chukwudi, Ani Lopez, Chris Warren, Kris RoadruckBenoit Arsenault, Jon Cooper, Justin Briggs, Bill Slawski, Cyrus Shepard, Julie Joyce and Michael King.

Xight Interactive

I’m definitely grateful to be surrounded by highly talented people this 2012. Engaging in a new and more challenging battle with these guys is extremely exciting – JP Prieto, Bev Lopez, Jahn Abrena, Allan Oguis, Nikko Marasigan, AJ Aviado, Vincent Sevilla, Henessy Luna, Adie Sotelo, Benjie Ortiz, Kyle Kam, Johann, Elston Marcelo, Peter De Jesus, Rayjand, John Paul, JR and our remote copywriters.

My Awesome Readers

To my subscribers who patiently wait for my blog’s slow updates, thank you! I’m receiving a lot of spam comments/trackbacks these past few months, and I sincerely apologize if I don’t get to approve and respond to your comments immediately. But I do hope that you’ll still be here, reading and making use of what I will be sharing this year.

Mat Bennett of Brit-net.com

Hyderali Shaikh


Ben Jackson of SEODiscovery.org

Neil Corman

5 minutes for mom

Armon Gatus

Nikko Marasigan

Ashwin Satyanarayana

Unfortunately, I lost the older tweets with the hashtag #Kaiserthesage (the stream died a few days ago, and I wasn’t able to take screenshots of them because of the holidays) 🙁 I apologize to the others who have tweeted, please contact me with your Twitter username so I can include you on this post.

Special Mentions: Ferdous Haider, Radomir Basta, Robert Antwi, Alessio Madeyski, Mark of TheBitBot, Brendan Cournoyer, Joshua Dorkin, Eugene Farber, Jamesthejust, Tho Huynh, Ivan Dimitrijevic, Mike Pedersen, Inayet Hadi and Grantly Lynch.

SEO Organization Philippines

For allowing me to share my perceptions about the industry as well as for sharing yours, thank you – Benj Arriola, Zaldy Dalisay, Mark Acsay, Juanito Jacela, Jayson Bagio, Kim Tyronne Agapito, Kristel Cuenta, Neil Maranan, Ed Pudol, Brian Cinco, Jan Alvin Dimla, Lloyd Herrera, and Carlo Carolino (the one who invited me to the org).

Also to all the awesome ORG members and SEO practitioners who’re really kind to me on Facebook: Armon Gatus, Sheena Tan, Tristan Sinkala, Mark Solano, Vic Limbo, Paul Tibayan, Gary Lacanilao, Eli Tapiador, Renan Reora, Whin Clores, Jan Daryll Quinto, Ronnie Avelino, Eduardo Joven, Arwin Adriano, AJ Viloria, Jhie Fargo, Joel Baluyot, Jomi Dasmarinas, Victorino Abrugar, Louie Sison, Cauis Yaj Aseb (not sure if that’s his real name though), John Philip Mamaril, Ronald Amoranto, Joseph Emmanuel, Mocks Wun, Victor Ocampo and Manuel Cadaing.

Drinking/Business Buddies

For giving me out of the box ideas! Luigi Domingo, Aspen Sanez, Jack Rivera, Rod Tolentino, Luch Zanirato, Joey Herrera, Kenneth Sytian, Static & Kat, Decept boys, Julius Castillo (my tattoo artist), Jah’s friends, and to everyone who have shared table and drinks with me (you know who you are) thank you!

Lecter and Godric

To my two weapon of mass destruction, I wouldn’t make it this far without you two babies. Thank you for keeping me entertained and for making me more agile (both are designed for gaming, but I mostly use them for SEO, cool eh?).


For being brave enough to take on almost every challenge that you have come to face with and for trying harder to prevail over them, thank you.

Goals for 2012

I only have a few on my bucket list, but I’m absolutely serious about fulfilling them this year.

  • Launch an Ecommerce site (already started with its initial stages).
  • Form a project band.
  • Do a slam dunk (I’m 5’10 and this guy is a bit smaller than me, damn).
  • More experiments and explosive posts this year.
  • F*cking improve in public speaking.
  • Grow our company 3x bigger in the next 6 months.
  • Help more people by sharing more knowledge, creating more job opportunities and by helping out local businesses here.
  • Change how the world sees the Philippines, especially in this industry.
  • Be a better man for my family.

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I Will Be Presenting at MORCON 2011

This is going to be my first speaking gig and I’ll be presenting about what I’ve mostly learned, practiced and experienced in the past year of being an SEO. I haven’t actually done my deck yet, but I’m very excited to do it, probably next week (been busy with my secret ninja training recently).

Mastering Online Ranking Conference is going to be held at UP Diliman, Quezon City on October 29, 2011 (Saturday). So to all the Filipino SEOs, webmasters, bloggers, copywriters, social media practitioners, web developers and designers, I’m inviting you to come and attend this event.

What will you get from it?

  • Learn more about the trade (secrets, ninja tricks, etc…).
  • Network with some of the most brilliant minds in the local online marketing scene.
  • Booze (one of the best parts of the event that I really look forward to)

Topics and Speakers:

  • From Local SEO To International SEO Strategies
    by Benj Arriola – InternetMarketingInc.com – 2007 SEO World Champion
  • How To Build an Authority Site
    By Ed Pudol – Lexorsoft.net – CEO
  • Social Media Ninja Tactics
    by Ester Del Fierro – Directwithhotels.com – Online Marketing Manager
  • SEO Mistakes To Avoid
    by Mark Acsay – SEO Consultant
  • Website Audit – Site Analysis and Reporting
    by Sheila Dela Pena – Directwithhotels.com – Online Marketing Junior Manager
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies
    by Juanito Jacela – CellConversion.com – PPC Strategist
  • Alfred Palconit – Branders.com – Senior SEO Specialist

The event is free and exclusive to all members of SEO Organization Philippines. If you’re not a member, you can register now (damage is P1,000).

More details about the event here:

Special Shout out to:
Morcon 2011

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How the Internet Started, How It Works and How It Could End the World

The Internet has been the greatest and most useful invention of mankind (so far besides jetpack), with millions of users worldwide, as it has made so many things in life easier and more accessible, may it be through human interaction, entertainment, information, banking, shopping, amplifying offline businesses as well as making thousands of people earn real money online – I personally do business over the web, and it has majorly impacted the better half of my life.

I wouldn’t wonder if this product of our time becomes one of the catalysts of quantum teleportation or time traveling (perhaps in the distant future), but sadly, this topic wouldn’t go as far as that. I’ve been planning to create this post a few weeks back, another product of my demented mind I guess, when I had thought of “what if” the world ends and I was able to survive the rapture along with a few people that might not be knowledgeable of how to come up with this kind of technology.

How can I survive that aftermath, if the only source of my superhuman power is gone along with the world? Not unless you know how to create it, right? And that question led me to an odd side research, which ended up to this short post with three infographs that I’ve found worth sharing.

History of the Internet

History of InternetInfographic by OnlineSchools.org

How the Internet Works

Online Schools
Infographic by OnlineSchools.org

Few corrections on the Infograph above:

  • NAP is “Network Access Point”.
  • IP addresses are representations of 4 bytes (separated by dots) that can only store values from 0 – 255 (for IPv4).

The Internet is Killing the Planet

Internet could end the worldInfographic by Wordstream

So in case the world ends without you, you might want to reinvent the Internet first.

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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 – Online Marketing Edition

Disclaimer: This post is a semi-entry for Influential Blogger’s writing project. The content of this page are of my own opinion, observations and perspectives.

First of all, I decided to write this poEmergest because I believe in the cause that they are pushing through, though I won’t be linking out to the sponsors, because I personally want to keep this post’s sincerity and objectivity.

Earlier today, while writing a blog post for Affilorama, I came across a local site that really caught my attention. It is a blog that supports a movement – Janette Toral’s  Influential Blogger – which I think what our country somehow needs at this point of information age.

What I really liked about this project was that they (Janette and the sponsors) are encouraging local bloggers to step up in hopes of uplifting Philippines’ blogosphere by letting participants share and nominate the blogs that they think are influential as based on the award’s requirements:

  • Blogs that started anytime from April 1, 2010 – present.
  • Can be from any part of the globe.
  • Uhm, influential?

Every story has its dark side

After reading the week 2 update and the writing project’s page, I checked most of the participants’ entries through the comments. Honestly, I was excited, at first, knowing that my evil side is sensing heaps of link opportunities. Though later on I realized that some of the nominated blogs from different entries seem to be questionable (I mean, what the hell, it’s my job to identify quality sites, quality content and almost anything about quality on the web).

No offense meant to all the nominated sites, since I did see some that are really excellent in delivering the cause that their blog lay emphasis on (it seems that they are really passionate about what they are preaching), particularly those that really aim to educate (medical, education and culture related blogs).

Well, unfortunately, some may have seen this as an opportunity for their blogs to be more prominent by scheming through their nominations, and if you’re not a member of the circle, you’ll may just have to form your own circle to generate a manipulated winning list of top emerging influential blogs for 2012, which I think is contradicting to what the awards’ impact and influence should be.

That is not true influence, that’s syndication.


How do you measure influence as a blogger? Authentic influence I mean.

Influence is something that you will use and think about for days, weeks or even years after you have procured, absorbed and internalized the concepts from what you have read.

Influential content is something that you will willingly and voluntarily share, because you have found true value from it, and that’s one good reason why I’m linking out to Influential Blogger, because I believe that their movement is going to be valuable to the community – not just with links and prestige, but with its after effects (you win = you continue, you lose = you hustle to improve, you see the winners = you get inspired).

It’s not just about winning, it’s also about giving your readers what they can really say a good recommendation, that’s why we read blogs in the first place, because we know that we deserve better information when we are seeking for one.

Selling or upselling something does not generate influence, but giving your ideologies that can be beneficial and useful to your readers/visitors for free does. Below is a list of what I can really call “emerging influential blogs”.

My Nominees for Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Ross HudgensRoss Hudgens

Ross’ ability to captivate his readers through his wickedly sick writing style and with the depth of his content is definitely an impressive feature worth noting. His blog is one of those that I thoroughly read and his works have influenced my own views and principles on Search (particularly this post). I’ve even mentioned his blog when I was asked on an interview of what blogs do I habitually follow, talk about INFLUENCE.

John DohertyJohn Doherty

This guy just started his blog 4 months ago, and the speed of his blog’s growth is tremendously solid. This blog is really worth noting because of that kind of speed – that is some sick marketing skills I must say. He provides highly engaging content on his blog that are well accommodating to those who are just starting with SEO and most of his posts are about practical and actionable methods that his readers can implement to learn more about how they can efficiently improve their sites/blogs in terms of search engine visibility.

Ana HoffmanAna Hoffman

Ana has displayed her expertise in online marketing through her own blog’s results. Traffic Generation Café is one of the most visited and successful rookie blogs that I know, which was able to achieve strong readership and following in just a few months of being launched.

Onibalusi BamideleOnibalusi Bamidele

Oni’s Youngprepro has helped hundreds of online business aspirants in just a short period of time, where he has shared most of his knowledge and experience through his blog posts and information product. He’s a very approachable guy and he personally helps and answers his visitors’ queries whenever it’s possible – surely a characteristic of an influential blogger.

SEO-HackerSean Si

Sean Si, the founder of SEO-Hacker, provides all the basic things that you’ll ever need to know in terms of marketing your website/blog, as his brand is more focal on helping beginners as well as intermediate practitioners and bloggers not just through easy-to-digest blog posts, but also through other channels such as the site’s very accommodating Facebook community and a free basic SEO course that we have launched late last year.

Though our team at SEO-Hacker (yes, I do SEO with them) might be busy working with clients’ websites at this time, we still made sure that we are still able to genuinely contribute to our local community of SEOs, as we are continuously shaping young SEOs’ minds through our Facebook Group.

facebook group - SEO-Hacker

Hugo GuzmanHugo Guzman

Hugo is certainly one of the influential people and thought-leaders in the Search industry today, given that he is well-versed when it comes to corporate and large-scale web marketing campaigns. I mostly agree with his views, except for him being a fan of the Miami Heat.

Zarko ZivkovicZarko Zivkovic

I have been featuring Zarko’s Practical SEO blog here several times before, which I think is already a good signal that his works have pretty much influenced mine in some ways. He is really good in conveying his message to his readers, knowing that most of his posts are about comprehensive tutorials on how to implement many SEO processes. He’s a good SEO friend of mine, and that relationship has no influence on my decision to include him on this list, because he definitely deserves this slot (and this is not an engagement gift to him and his fiancé, congrats man!).

Jason AcidreJason Acidre

As I’ve been nominated by two commentators below (Gary of Lawmacs and Jason Gardose). Currently ranking #53 on Top Philippine Websites (based on Alexa rankings).

My list still has 3 more 2 more (updated) slots available to be completed, so if you know any blog that fits this list feel free to drop me a line. Here are the requirements again:

  • Blogs that have been live since April 2010 – present.
  • Can be on any industry as long as it has a solid readership and fanbase.
  • Can be in any part of the world.

These blogs, you don’t need to follow them or to link out to them, but I do believe that they all deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work that they have done just to help people make better websites.

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Image Credit: Theevildead23