Recommended list of SEO Consultants, Agencies, Blogs and Conferences in the Philippines

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Glen Dimaandal

Kaiserthesage is one of our agency’s go-to blogs for link building and general digital marketing insights. A lot of Jason’s processes have influenced our agency’s own operations and have been instrumental to our growth. The only thing we can really whine about is the fact that Jason needs to post more. But he’s a busy man, so we’ll take what we can.

Glen DimaandalFounder/CEO - GDI
Benj Arriola

Jason has gain international popularity mainly by the quality of the content he post online. It is living proof of where good content can get you and your website. Which for some novices do not tend to understand what good content means. Thinking it is just the number of words and uniqueness. Great content really deals with the value it provides and kaiserthesage has shown value to the SEO community around the world.

Benj ArriolaSEO Director -Myers Media Group

The Philippines is a treasure trove of highly talented people. That’s why it’s one of the best destinations for business process outsourcing – and that surely includes search engine optimization.

With the rise of the tech startup age in this side of the world for the past decade, the digital marketing (particularly the SEO) community in the Philippines has also thrived and is still growing on a steady rate.

More and more businesses and marketers are starting to recognize (and embrace) this marketing practice’s significance in today’s cutthroat business world.

What makes the Philippines so competent in this space?

  • English fluency. It’s the second language of the country.
  • Internet Savvy. Philippines is the fastest growing app market in Southeast Asia – people know their way around the web.
  • Quality of Workforce. We have hundreds of thousands of highly-trainable college graduates every year.
  • Attractive rates. Working with highly-skilled Filipino SEOs is more cost-effective (compared to other Asian countries).
  • We have a solid SEO community here.

So if you’re thinking of working with someone from around here, but don’t know where to start. I’ve listed some of the most respected names in the Philippine-SEO scene below (mostly people I’ve been fortunate enough to have personal working experiences with).

And if you’re new to SEO (and you’re a Filipino), these are the people, companies and events that you should follow.

Recommended SEO Consultants

Specialization: Technical SEO
Company: Myers Media Group
Email Benj

Highly regarded as the “Godfather of Philippine SEO”. Benj actively shares actionable insights and pointers in SEO Organization Philippines’ Facebook Group.

He’s currently based in San Diego, CA. Benj is the SEO Director at Myers Media Group, and also a part-time SEO Consultant for eREACH.

Glen Dimaandal

Specialization: Technical SEO, Content Marketing, eCommerce.
Company: GDI
Email Glen

Definitely one of the top minds in the local SEO space, and one of the most tech SEO-savvy and results-driven consultants I’ve worked/conversed with. Glen is the founder and CEO of GDI – probably the most ruthless SEO agency in the country at the moment (I highly recommend working with them).

Sean Si

Specialization: Content Marketing, SEO
Company: SEO Hacker
Email Sean

Sean’s been consistently growing his team (and revenue for sure!) for the past 5 years – and they’re still killing it. SEO Hacker is one of the most recognized SEO brands in the local space, and Sean’s excellence is the biggest reason why.

Gary Viray

Specialization: Technical SEO
Company: Propelrr
Email Gary

One of the most respected veteran SEOs in the country. Gary is making waves in a more competitive space in the Philippine business world (the corporate world), and their team at Propelrr (along with their robust process, and definitely their cool office) is apparently crushing it.

Bernard San Juan III

Specialization: Technical SEO, Local SEO
Company: TrueLogic
Email Bernard

Bernard has dozens (or probably hundreds) of unpublicized SEO experiments under his belt and one of the best SEO speakers I’ve seen in the country. He’s the managing director at Truelogic – wherein he manages over 100 staff members.

Mike Rebueno

Specialization: Technical SEO, Local SEO
Company: NotImpo
Contact Michael

Mike has been in the trenches for years working for several agencies. With the years of experience and the technical expertise as an SEO project manager, and having handled hundreds of clients (both enterprise-level & SMBs) in the past, he’s definitely the best guy for any type of consulting work.

Specialization: Technical SEO
Company: GrowthRocket
Email Marc

Marc is currently the president of SEO Organization Philippines. He’s also the SEO Director at Growth Rocket. Marc has a strong background in integrated campaigns from working as a freelance consultant for years (for various international companies). He certainly knows the drill.

Specialization: Link Building
Company: GoBiggr
Email Jayson

Our team at Xight Interactive has been working closely with Jayson’s team for over a year. They have an extremely effective process for tactical-level link acquisition campaigns (specifically for broken link building, resource link building & guest blogging). Seriously, hire them.

Sam Nam

Specialization: Technical SEO, PPC, Web Analytics.
Company: The Graft Group, LLC.
Email Sam

Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t provide any type of consulting services. But he definitely deserves to be on this list (and damn, he’s even more Filipino than many Filipinos I know). He has given so much to the local SEO community, and he’s been a great mentor to many SEO practitioners in the country (including myself).

I’ve left his email above, in case you want to pick his brain (not sure if he’ll respond, but don’t spam his email).

Jun Baranggan

Specialization: Technical SEO, PPC
Company: Cebu Digital Hub
Email Jun

Jun has been in the business for over a decade, where he specializes in corporate training and strategy development. Based in the southern islands of the Philippines, he’s leading the SEO community in Cebu, and has continuously contributed in making SEO & PPC known all over the country.

Kit Cuenta

Specialization: Content, Social Media
Company: Digital Marketing Kit
Email Kit

Xight Interactive has worked and collaborated with a lot of content dev teams in the past. We’ve had the best experience collaborating with Kit’s team (and we’ve been working with them for years now). They’re one of the best content service providers in the country.

Specialization: Technical SEO, PPC, Analytics
Company: Digital Room, Inc. (Philippines)
Email JJ

JJ is the Marketing Leader at DRI. Not sure if he’s providing consulting services on the side, but if he does, I strongly suggest getting his inputs. He has a strong background in technical marketing for large ecommerce websites.

Recommended SEO Blogs of the Philippines

Recommended SEO Agencies in the Philippines

Xight Interactive Asia, Inc.

Xight Interactive

Services: Link Building, Content Marketing and Technical SEO
Monthly Rates: $2,000+
Address: Alchemy Business Center, 317 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
Contact Xight Interactive

Sorry guys, shameless plug 🙂


Services: Content Marketing, SEO, Link Building, PPC.
Monthly Rates: $1,500+
Address: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.
Contact GDI


Services: SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Dev.
Monthly Rates: $1,500+
Address: 184 Adelita Chioco, BF, BF Homes, Paranaque, 1720 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +632 847 4658
Contact SEO-Hacker

TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc.

Services: SEO, Web Design & Development, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Reputation Management.
Monthly Rates: $1,000+
Address: Jaka Building, 6780 Ayala Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1226
Phone: +63 2 856 3786
Email Truelogic

MaxWeb Digital

Services: SEO, Web Design & Development, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Corporate Branding.
Monthly Rates: $1,000+
Address: 465 Malaya St, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +632 632 7698 / +632 509 2135
Email MaxWeb

Recommended SEO Conferences in the Philippines

SEO Organization Philippines’ MORCon

When: Q4 2017
Where: TBA
Ticket Price: Php 1,500.00 – Php 2,500.00


When: TBA (usually happens in Q2 – but I think the next one will be in 2o18)
Where: TBA
Ticket Price: Php 1,500.00 – Php 2,500.00

SEO-Hacker’s SEO Summit

When: TBA (usually happens in Q2 or Q3)
Where: TBA
Ticket Price: Php 2,000.00 – Php 2,500.00

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