Advancing from SEO to CRO: Using AB Testing to Maximize Conversions

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SEO moves fast.

I realize this contradicts the fact that SEOisamarathonandnotasprint, however I’m not talking about the process or the results, but the industry…

In a recentpostbyMattBeswick he compares SEO to “trying to build a house in a fault zone,” and specifically that “by the time you have laid down the foundation, the gound underneath may have shifted.”

How to Develop Conversion-Oriented Link Building Strategies using Google Analytics

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Sherlock Holmes

Analysis is a thought-process that has been widely used in SEO. This aspect of the practice allows many of us to outsmart competitors as well as the ever evolving field itself, including the drastic game-changing events/updates that Google continuously employ to its search algorithm.

That’s one reason why Google Analytics has been tremendously useful to SEOs (and it’s great that the tool is free), as it supplies its users with their site’s usage data which can help them improve its performance.

Conversion Killers: How to Plug Website Holes That Leak Money

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If you are like most marketing bloggers, then you are after one thing…making money online. That’s why you crank out content, work the social web and optimize your site. You want higher and higher amounts of traffic flowing to your site.

The only problem is…if you are making one of the following conversion mistakes…then you are losing serious revenue. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to correct any one of these mistakes and plug up any holes in your blog or website. Your first step is to find the holes.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page – Infograph

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I have been planning to shift my learning mojos to Conversion Rate Optimization these past few months, since I started to get addicted in testing pages and in striving to get better results from those tests before last year had ended. There’s a lot to learn in SEO as it is constantly evolving as well as being integrated with other web marketing channels – and converting the traffic that we are able to generate through deadly marketing skills is certainly a part of it.

I may write more about CRO in the future (I remember telling this myself a few months back), but to start off with a good bang, I’ll first share a cool infographic, which I think ignited and led me to delving much deeper to this area of online marketing few months ago (yeah, this is sort of old, but definitely a classic!).