Authorship in Search – Google’s Reward to Great Authors

By on Jun 30, 2011 in Search | 23 comments


Google has been recently pushing authorship markups to be included on websites, as they will be starting to highlight content creators in their search results. Matt Cutts also mentioned on an interview by Danny Sullivan that they’ll be using another site/content metric in gauging quality and importance of content through the reputation of its creator – which he called AuthorRank.

This new metric will help search engines identify high quality content, given that great content are from great authors. Google SERP’s landscape is consistently evolving, and apparently they are complementing their results’ user-interface with more trust indicators to fully enhance their users’ search experience through features such as Google preview, sitelinks, Instant Pages on Chrome, rich snippets and now with the authors’ images and names that will be powered by authorship markups (from schema.org’s microdata, rel=”author” on HTML5 or XFN’s rel=”me”).