Empowering Search Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of my curated/round up post series, where I feature and share the search mind-blowing articles I’ve personally read this past few weeks/this month.

To start off, I first want to thank Goran of Black Hat Source for interviewing me, which you can all read here – Interview with Jason Acidre. Next, uhm, there’s no other news actually, I was just busy recently in working (testing the new version of Traffic Travis that you should definitely check out this coming May), more work, conceptualizing future posts and writing good content.

Speaking of writing good content, I’ve published 2 blog entries these past two weeks that were well appreciated by other bloggers and online marketers and have received a lot of positive response – getting editorial links and buying links ethically – and I’m glad that both of them (and 1 older post) made it to Ontolo’s Citation Labs – Link Building Resources.

Garrett French – One of the Elite Link Building Experts that I look up to just boosted my morale

So I guess what’s next is to take this opportunity to thank all those who have linked to it and have shared it to their followers. Let’s get down to the list:

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What to expect next: I’m currently preparing 2 big post and I hope I can publish both by next week. If you have enjoyed my recent posts and these links, you might want to subscribe to my feed and follow me on my new twitter account @jasonacidre or Facebook Page.

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Empowering Search Vol. 1

Welcome to my first ever curated/round up post. Basically, these are the stuffs I’ve personally read, watched and listened to this week.

Also, I just found out that one of my posts – 21 advanced link building strategies – were featured as a top link building article on, it’s an excellent resource for link building and you should check it out (I bet that you’ll be bookmarking it).



Offbeat:Jedi Search

Watched Movies:

Last Song Syndrome:

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