How the Internet Started, How It Works and How It Could End the World

The Internet has been the greatest and most useful invention of mankind (so far besides jetpack), with millions of users worldwide, as it has made so many things in life easier and more accessible, may it be through human interaction, entertainment, information, banking, shopping, amplifying offline businesses as well as making thousands of people earn real money online – I personally do business over the web, and it has majorly impacted the better half of my life.

I wouldn’t wonder if this product of our time becomes one of the catalysts of quantum teleportation or time traveling (perhaps in the distant future), but sadly, this topic wouldn’t go as far as that. I’ve been planning to create this post a few weeks back, another product of my demented mind I guess, when I had thought of “what if” the world ends and I was able to survive the rapture along with a few people that might not be knowledgeable of how to come up with this kind of technology.

How can I survive that aftermath, if the only source of my superhuman power is gone along with the world? Not unless you know how to create it, right? And that question led me to an odd side research, which ended up to this short post with three infographs that I’ve found worth sharing.

History of the Internet

History of InternetInfographic by

How the Internet Works

Online Schools
Infographic by

Few corrections on the Infograph above:

  • NAP is “Network Access Point”.
  • IP addresses are representations of 4 bytes (separated by dots) that can only store values from 0 – 255 (for IPv4).

The Internet is Killing the Planet

Internet could end the worldInfographic by Wordstream

So in case the world ends without you, you might want to reinvent the Internet first.

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Jason Acidre

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36 replies
  1. Walter V.
    Walter V. says:

    Wow! I have just read your post and it was totally appealing. Very nice presentation of facts about internet legend. How could internet be re-invented if the world has come to an end and you have had survived? What a brain teaser thought. May be if you would survived in the said rapture. Probably you can! Yeah you can!hehe..You’re a man of curiosity. Nice job kaiser!..I’m an avid reader of your blog posts. I give you two thumbs up for this.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Wow, thanks for the support Walter! Never thought that this short post will be appreciated by my readers, haha it just appeared in my brain like poof, and had the feeling of I have to publish this one.

  2. Mark @ TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog
    Mark @ TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog says:

    Well now! This post was “out there” Kaiser…especially that introduction.

    That being said, I found it mysteriously “out-of-the-box” in terms of thinking.

    Interestingly, all of the techno-grey areas you referenced in your second and third paragraphs ultimately stem from a very real possibility…

    I am actually an industrial scientist at my day job and I work with some very smart people.

    I will say this. The “super human” powers you mentioned are not possible. Our bio-chemical makeup is way to fragile for the types of scenarios in the comics, but what you see in oh, say, the movie “Dark City” is a very real possibility in the near future and would appear identical in form…FWIW.

    Oh, cool internet article BTW…;)


    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      You live an interesting life Makr, scientist by day and blogger by night, now I’m more interested to see your “out of the box” type of blog posts 🙂

      Regarding my superhuman powers, I was referring to my SEO-abilities haha 🙂

      Speaking of Dark City, I haven’t seen that film yet, and great timing that you have mentioned it, as I have been busy recently in downloading old films, I added that recommendation on my list 😀 Thanks Mark!

  3. Jason Gardose
    Jason Gardose says:

    After reading this I feel a little bit frustrated. haha I expect to read how the Anti Christ created the internet and how will he soon control humanity. Another end time prediction failure driven post that act as a FYI for those who doesn’t know how the internet works. Just a thought, what if you’re right about the doomsday and I’m one of the survivors I bet It’s best for me the leave it to the surviving chimps to do the work. Haha But thanks to the infographs… That won’t happen anymore.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      haha, thanks for reminding me that angle of the story, perhaps I can include that on this post’s sequel, if I happen to be writing something offbeat again, since I have many SEO-related posts lined up to be published this coming month.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Thanks for dropping by Will, and glad that you liked the visuals (saw your blog, and I see that you are into art, and it’s awesome to be complimented by an art enthusiast).

  4. Sheila J. Hill
    Sheila J. Hill says:

    Hi Kai…I agree that internet nowadays became the most popular thing in this world of people…We have the social networking sites which became the most visited site in the internet…

  5. Raj@IFSC Code
    Raj@IFSC Code says:

    Jason, i enjoyed reading the history of Internet. My hole mind was involved in reading. Now we use internet technology in many ways but decades ago it was like a intranet of a small office. Good old days!

    • Jason Acidre
      Jason Acidre says:

      Thanks man! Congrats on getting PR 3 as well 🙂 Though I still think that PR as a metric is still a little outdated, I guess will have to wait for the next update to see our real scores from the big G.

      – by the way, I’ve already added TL on my twitterfeed.

  6. Theresa Torres
    Theresa Torres says:

    Hi Jason,
    Such an entertaining and interesting post! I love infographs. I continue to be amazed at how the internet just keeps getting bigger and bigger and how it’s become a major part of our lives.
    I once saw a movie where the hero was on the internet and was sucked into a world of programs disguised as humans ( I forgot the title ) and since you mentioned teleportation and time travel, I couldn’t help thinking along the same lines if Internet will somehow have a hand in it in the future or if it’s possible. Another demented mind? 🙂
    Anyway, with all these technological advancements, I do hope that there will also be a great invention that will address the issue of CO2 emissions. It would really be a shame if a great and useful tool like the Internet can be a major cause of the end of the world.

    • Jason Gardose
      Jason Gardose says:

      Hi there Therese, inspired by this post and Kaiserthesage’s previous post about increased online businesses seeking SEO service we are planning a Tree planting activity maybe two months from now. Increase in seo service = increase in computer or laptop units = increase in CO2 and Global warming and lesser CO2 emmision = prolonged doomsday = more $$$ from SEO. haha It may not address the world’s problem on CO2 emmisions but I’m sure it can help lessen. It’s better to do something than nothing.

  7. Kristina L.@Stockngo Coupon Code
    Kristina L.@Stockngo Coupon Code says:

    Hi, Jason,
    I must admit the headline grabbed my attention, especially with the part of “how can internet destroy the planet”. I see now how, the infographics are great and clear (love the cat with the burger for comparison). You reveal here some truly amazing, as well as alarming facts that make me think in big numbers.

  8. Dan
    Dan says:

    I can only imagine what 2012 and beyond will reveal for us in regards to the internet and how it’s used.

    Humans work our way from conventional warfare, to nuclear and chemical warfare and then onto cyber-warfare using the internet. Our society has become so dependent on the internet, that any brief disruption resulting from weather or cyber-warfare can severely cripple us.

    And not only that, but it really is damaging our environment. Computers have a rather high carbon footprint, and more computers means more power demand means more burden on power plants which results in more power plants to be built.

  9. ceejay
    ceejay says:

    Information overload much, Kaiser? Thoroughly enjoyed this post, a picture really does paint a thousand words. Sometimes I wonder where all this data is coming from. I mean, are there really people out there who have nothing else to do but find out how much CO2 it takes to make a cheese burger?! Still, this made for an interesting read. Much better and to the point than “Internet for Dummies”. One thing about the internet, it works because we make it work. The fuel that makes it run is people. Just as our population increases, so is the data shared and stored online. I guess this post put a lot of things in perspective. 1 out of 4 people use the internet, and we don’t even know for what purpose. It’s mind blowing to even imagine how the internet scene will be like 20 years from now.

  10. Ron@Man Boobs and Alcohol
    Ron@Man Boobs and Alcohol says:

    The Internet is the greatest bridge that connects all people around the world. Through the Internet we can do impossible things and make them possible. I don’t know what did the inventor of the Internet about this. He also made evil things to be done in the Internet. If internet will be gone, I don’t think that people will get used to it.

  11. Thomas Jackson@vanderbilt beach fl
    Thomas Jackson@vanderbilt beach fl says:

    Often times we don’t realize that the most significant historical events are being done while we watch – and don’t know it. There’s only less than 31 percent of the world’s population is on the Internet today. The Internet is still at its infancy! The revolution has just begun..

  12. Jenn Colgan
    Jenn Colgan says:

    As a pretty illiterate person when it comes to how computers work, I found the information in this post very easy to understand. It made me appreciate just how complicated and MASSIVE the Internet is. I can’t imagine living without it, especially as a mom who works from home…my business is entirely online, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that in my mother’s time. Thanks for the thorough explanation!


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