Trusted Sites – 5 Ways To Determine Quality Sites Without Pagerank

It seems that the Google Pagerank is going to rest for a while now, or perhaps be buried along with the decade that has passed. Google’s exclusive rights to Stanford University’s Pagerank was set to expire this year, and obviously, they have been busy enough in improving more important aspects of search (Instant, Places, Local search, spam filters and more of their services).

We all know that Pagerank is still pretty much alive, but this post will focus on giving other methods you can use to determine a site’s quality.


Google Pagerank Dead or Alive at Techjaws

Google 10-K 2009 at Wikinvest

So as an SEO, how do we determine authority, trusted and quality sites without the help of Pagerank? Well, the good news is that there are so many alternatives that we can all use to verify if a site is worth our time in sending requests,  engaging with or utilizing in order to acquire quality links. Here are some of them:

Linkscape’s Mozrank

This is the most reliable substitute to Google’s Pagerank as of the moment. Linkscape has immensely improved its process in gathering link data, which was really in time to compensate the absence of PR. You can install SearchStatus or mozBar SEO plugin to see the Mozrank of the sites you’re targeting.

Alexa Traffic Rank

Sites that have Alexa ranking of 300,000 and/or less are considerably worth your time; given that these sites are getting traffic and are mostly active.

Page and Domain Authority through Open Site Explorer

Checking a page and its domain’s authority manually through Open Site Explorer is also a good way to make sure if your prospected site will be significant to your link development campaign.

SEMRush SE Traffic Price

Of course, if the price of the site’s traffic is high then it simply translates to how valuable their incoming traffic is as well as the significance of the keywords where they are ranking well. You can easily check a site’s traffic price if you have SEOQuake plugin for firefox installed on your browser.

Amount of Links and Link profile

The amount of links and the ratio of a site’s existing external links also play a big part in determining if a site is of high quality and if it is trusted by users and search engines. You can easily study a site’s link profile through Open Site Explorer (seeing the site’s full link metrics) and Yahoo Site Explorer. With SEOQuake, you can also have an immediate look of their link landscape’s status (particularly with the amount of links indexed by Yahoo, and the ratio of external links directing to the page and the entire site).

Well, the next question is, will the dofollow chase Pagerank to its grave? Anyway, the best thing that we can do for now is to just focus on quality, may it be with our content, link building efforts, relationships and other marketing aspects to be truly deserving of the rankings that we are all aiming at.

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Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is the Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive - a digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. He's also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

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18 replies
  1. Albin@Bilförsäkring
    Albin@Bilförsäkring says:

    Yea, I’m having the PRO version of SeoMoz and I think it’s pretty sweet. My best site is in the 50’000 ranking on Alexa which is a good estimation as well. I sweden we also use local tools to check this kind of stuff.

    • Sven@Flyttfirma Stockholm
      Sven@Flyttfirma Stockholm says:

      50’000 is quite good.

      I use the Mozbar as mention in the article. Although it has stopped work the last week. I can’t get the Mozbar to show up. If i press the Mozbar icon in the browser, a new view shows up and Im not able to press the button – showed before – called “Show Mozbar”. Any idea why it is like this?


      • Mark@Billig bilförsäkring
        Mark@Billig bilförsäkring says:

        I had the same problem with the Mozbar and solved it this way.

        If you start pressing the Mozbar icon up on the right in the web browser, then press “Settings” -button. After that press one of the arrows. Then the Mozbar will show up again.

        Thanks for a good article btw!

  2. Upgrade Software
    Upgrade Software says:

    “Anyway, the best thing that we can do for now is to just focus on quality, may it be with our content, link building efforts, relationships and other marketing aspects to be truly deserving of the rankings that we are all aiming at.”, this is the most positive summation that I have come across concerning the fallout of the whole Panda/Farmer debacle.

  3. Stefan@Båtförsäkring
    Stefan@Båtförsäkring says:

    Jason, do you know what date every month SEOmoz updates their data? I’ve got a website with content and links to it from februari but still no data available – seems a little bit odd since all my other websites are updating from time to time..

    Best regards,
    Stefan Ingvarsson

  4. Albin@SEO
    Albin@SEO says:

    I’ve been using SEOmoz for about seven months and I must that it have changed the way of work for me. Easier link building and valuing different pages.

  5. Martin@Houses for sale
    Martin@Houses for sale says:

    I’ve been using Opensiteexplorer to check my PA which I think is the most relevant. If one divide mT with mA, you can get a good value which is good to have as close to 1 as possible. If the difference is 1 (which is the best), you can focus on gettin’ up the PA. I can see that this blog post has 38 in PA which is good.

  6. Kya@Badrumsrenovering
    Kya@Badrumsrenovering says:

    I like SEOMoz so much, that I want to get the lifetime pricing account. It has done my job so much easier.

    So with easy word: it makes my job easier. Also, 1 of my sites, the best one, thats a community. Delivers rank 784 349 at alexa ranking ATM. Is that good enough? The site is only 4 months old though.

    Have good day bro.


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