7 Ways and Reasons To Win a Blog Contest

Note: This post is an entry for Jehzlau and Sherweb’s win an iPad contest. Share this entry on Twitter or Facebook and win an in-content link below for supporting Kaiserthesage (that’s sort of a bribe).

It’s in humans’ nature to compete with each other when it comes to proving their capabilities, particularly if there’s a prize or a prestigious title at stake. Whether it’s intellectual, physical or just through a random struck of luck, we all want to be on top of it.Win Blog Contest

Blogging contests are obviously not poles apart from other forms of contests, as it is a modern way of pushing skills and creativity to the limit, wherein participants get to showcase their craft in delivering their own perceptions through their own voice over the web – certainly a free space full of wealth and wisdom.

Given that this is an entry for a contest organized by Jehzlau Concepts and was sponsored by Sherweb – a leading hosted exchange provider – (I haven’t really thought of a great concept of entry to submit) I just decided to write about my own plans and/or instructions on how I could win it, to make the most out of the space, as the sponsor wouldn’t want me to waste some valuable space on the web, right?

How to Win a Blog Contest

The Mindset

A strong state of mind is the ultimate driving force that lets winners win. And always keep in mind that being in a contest is already winning it, seeing as it breathes out the best in you while you are competing with other talented individuals and it opens a door full of opportunities for you as a blogger such as:

  • Gets you closer to the prize.
  • Brand exposure (if content is externally hosted).
  • Absorb traffic, eventually leads (if content is externally hosted).
  • More natural links (if content is externally hosted or if the contest’s organizer linked out to contest entries).
  • Camaraderie.

Analyze your competitors

It’s best to know who you’ll be competing with before creating your content, as it will give you an idea on how you can take the lead. It’s also important that you over-estimate your competitors while you are tracking both their weak and strong points in aspects such as content delivery, marketing, visuals, and writing style.  A well-researched campaign always wins, whether on search, warring countries or a blogging contest (yes, I’m guilty of snooping around my competitors’ contest entries).

Focus on your craft

Writing about what you are really good at and passionate about can extremely leverage your chances of winning, seeing that it is already the edge of your entry.

Offer a useful and linkable content

Sometimes, it may not be a part of the contest’s criteria, but by offering a content that can be very useful will save enough space on the web, and you also get to help users who are really in need of the information that you’ll be providing. A useful content is a very linkable one, and a contest entry that has a lot of external pages linking to it is definitely a plus, given that the contest’s sponsors have links within your entry, which means that you’ll be passing a lot of link juice to them.

Unexpected hook

Exceed your possible readers’ expectations by offering more value than just the content. As for this entry, I’ve decided to link out to those who will be supporting me to win this contest; it’s not that unexpected, but I believe that it’s a good hook.

Use your anxieties to your advantage

Once you are done creating your content, put your final thoughts about your output on a list by skimming and proofreading it. List down all the aspects that you think you need to worry about to further improve your contest entry. Modify your entry after you have distinguished its weak points.

Bring traffic and engage

A socially engaging content can certainly enhance your chances of winning, since it’s a strong indication of an entry that your opponents should watch out and an entry that the contest sponsors and organizers will be receiving a lot of attention from the content. Encourage your readers to leave a comment or to share your content on social networking sites to build more traffic to it. Here are other ways to promote and consistently send traffic to your contest entry:

  • Through your personal networks.
  • By employing on-page SEO (particularly with keyword targeting) and building links to it.
  • Utilizing social signals to improve search rankings.
  • By promoting your “useful” contest entry to other relevant web pages (forum threads, Q&A sites, blog discussions, social voting and bookmarking sites, etc…).

7 Reasons Why Should I Win an iPad

1.       This blog helps thousands of unique visitors every month through free information about online marketing and on how they can improve their businesses’ and websites’ online visibility, and I’m also starting to run other non-profit projects that aim to help individuals and local businesses build their livelihood and online presence. An iPad will certainly empower the reach of my personal projects’ cause, in providing more useful content and in touching more lives, hopefully.

2.       I travel a lot, and this device can extremely boost my productivity.

3.       I’m not a fan of Apple products, and I never had the chance to own one. Perhaps this can change everything.

4.       My entry will stay for a long time over the web and will be useful as well as visible to organic traffic any time soon as it garners its own rankings on search engines’ result pages (Will update this part in the next 12 hours), which means higher link value and long-term source of traffic for Sherweb. If ever I win the iPad, I might also do an in-depth review of the products/services that they are offering, as I have personally benefited from them and as I’ve seen a brand that portrays trust to their patronizers.

win blog contest rankAfter 10 minutes of being published – via SEOmoz Rank Tracker

UPDATED: After 12 Hours

#1 “How to win a blog contest” – via SEOmoz Rank Tracker

#1 “win blog contest” – via SEOmoz Rank Tracker

5.       Letting me win an iPad is a strong signal of fate pushing me towards a much bigger picture and probably telling me to keep on pushing because I’m on the right path – to give back and contribute more to the community. This can also be a good momentum to drive me in striving harder to reach my goals this year.

6.       To actually win something that isn’t for me. Yeah, as I’ve mentioned above, I’m not a fan of Apple products, but giving it to me for free can sequentially help a lot of people (indirectly). Being equipped with my sole purpose and perceptions in life as a modern day visionary – spreading free and accessible knowledge – and gearing me up with this weapon, can definitely bring my selfless dreams to life, as I will be mainly using it for the benefit of others.

7.       A new avenue in exploring things differently. This could possibly be a channel that will consistently inspire me to do greater things in my profession and for my countrymen, since I draw my ideas from weird things, most of the time, and I heard that it has a lot of cool apps.

People Who Want Kaiserthesage To Win an iPad


Call to Action:

The contest is still open until April 30, 2011. Feel free to join here. You can also check out the main page of the contest’s sponsor – Sherweb – and see their various hosting plans, including hosted exchange, web-based work environment, instant messaging communication, web hosting, domain registration, CRM tool and many more.

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Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, marketing consultant for Affilorama and Traffic Travis, and also the sole author of this SEO blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre and on Google+.

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32 replies
  1. Scott McLay @ SEO Blog
    Scott McLay @ SEO Blog says:

    Great overview, “Offer a useful and linkable content” is def the best tip out of the bunch, but every blogger should be doing that anyway 🙂

    If the contest is based on CTR then as suggested in “Bring traffic and engage” SEO and Social Media will play a huge roll within the contest. Getting the correct links into the page and having the correct keywords targeted (long tail for better CTR) should make it easier to win over the average blogger

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      I couldn’t agree more Scott. My first thought before actually joining the contest is on how I can create an entry that will still benefit me in the long run, and long term traffic seems to be the best answer as this page will stay on the web for a very long time. Though I’m not sure if this entry is that linkable, but luckily I found out (while doing my topic research) that there are only a few who are providing tips related to winning a blog contest. I guess that enhances my chances of getting good referential links in the future (I hope).

  2. Kristi Hines@Blog Marketing
    Kristi Hines@Blog Marketing says:

    Competitor analysis should happen throughout the contest. When I enter contests, there is a lot of work happening in the background when it comes to my monitoring other competitors. It includes the number of comments, tweets, etc. of each post. I would monitor the progress weekly or daily, depending how close to the deadline we were, and if I was lacking something, I would know early enough in advance to get some additional promo work started. Good luck in winning the iPad!

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      Thanks for the hardcore tips and the morale boost Kristi 😀

      I guess I’m on the right track, as I frequently check my competitors’ entries and I do take notes of what I should be doing next 🙂

  3. Semidoppel
    Semidoppel says:

    Wow what a post, I love what you write about the ways and reasons to win a blog contest, and I think there’s something in your post that I love to do, exceeding the reader’s expectations. Readers want something different, something that will make them smile, and something that is easy to understand. If you noticed some of my posts, it’s about being a Filipino, the habits, even the annoying ones.

    • Kaiserthesage
      Kaiserthesage says:

      I as well focus on that element of content creation, as it gives the edge and the uniqueness of my creations. It’s good to hear that you are really pushing your personal advocacy through your blog posts – that somehow inspired me to keep on doing mine!

        • Kaiserthesage
          Kaiserthesage says:

          Untrue! I guess I was just too focused on my category (SEO) 😀 You have a great looking blog, and I see that you are putting a lot of effort to it and it contains a unique flavor/perceptions as well, and with that I believe we are just equal.

  4. Virtual Assistant Experience
    Virtual Assistant Experience says:

    Wow! You have a huge traffic..if the contest is just for traffic you have a big chances of winning this contest!!! I think twice before I submitted my entry too..when I see all of the entry specially yours I realized that winning this contest is so low ..: ( (sigh)

  5. charlene@Underinsured Motorist
    charlene@Underinsured Motorist says:

    I’ve been wanting to join a blog contest but I am not that confident since I just started blogging. I feel like I still need to read and learn more. Thus, stumbling at your post is indeed a blessing. I like what you said “Use your anxieties to your advantage”. You’re right, we shouldn’t let our worries pulls us down, rather we have to use it to succeed. Thanks for the thought!

  6. charlene@Car Insurance
    charlene@Car Insurance says:

    Hi Jason, it’s sad that I was not able to join this contest. Anyway, your tips are great! I agree that strong mindset is the ultimate defense that any contestant can have. But the weak and negative mindset can be the Achilles heel of anybody. I also think that belief in oneself also plays an important role in winning.

  7. Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker says:

    Great overview, Jason. I always analyze the competitors when I enter a contest. And it has worked well. However, you gave me some useful tips also. And I am wishing you to win an I Pad. 🙂

  8. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Hey Kaiserthesage,
    I really hope you win, I have never even heard of these types of contests, but your a prolific writer and it looks like your doing things right.

  9. butcher block kitchen island
    butcher block kitchen island says:

    Hey Kaiserthesage, i really enjoyed reading your article… I’ve learned a lot on how to win a blog contest… Everything in your article is very interesting to all readers… Thanks for sharing your unique idea in blogging… Good job bro!!!

  10. Man Ray
    Man Ray says:

    This task usually takes a long time because you have to build the reputation that can help you go up the ranks. When you have the reputation of an awesome blogger, you’ll definitely have sure visitors to your site, and they’ll definitely stay there for a long time instead of just bouncing off.

  11. Nick Eubanks
    Nick Eubanks says:

    Jason – wow. What a great idea… I appreciate when people find in-direct and complimentary ways to get 2 things done at the same time, 1) Nice entry into the contest and 2) Nice evergreen piece on how and why to win blog contests 🙂


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